Terrorism 2.0 (Spring Kit Winner)

Wrecko 278

Here is a deck I piloted to my first tournament (9 player) win.

The deck went undefeated (3-0-1) by the narrowest of margins, Twice the opponent was a credit away from securing the victory.

I don't think the deck is that great as I typically won by the narrowest of margins, but it has potential. Any comments or suggestions are welcome, especially as the deck is 48 cards. My current thoughts are:

I feel dirty employing Şifr/Parasite, but it works great with Reina's ability. The deck basically tries to disrupt the corp from multiple angles. Destroying ice, draining money and trashing cards straight from HQ or R&D.

Hacktivist Meeting was a key card all tournament. It stalled the asset spam and turned off the opponent's currents. 80% of Déjà Vu and 100% of Same Old Thing went to putting it back online and I missed it every time I didn't have it.

Lamprey was another non-typical key card. Hammering HQ looking for agendas is something that the Corp can't allow to keep happening. This opens up R&D and makes defending remote servers a stressful proposition. This buys you time to set up your rig.

Crescentus is the last card I want to mention. I was worried about Lotus Field, but it is expensive to rez and thought the best way to deal with it was to make the Corp rez them multiple times. Works well with En Passant.

I think there may be a link version as well that I'll be experimenting with. Any thoughts would be welcome.

15 Feb 2017 kwind

Congrats on the win. Reina can be a little tough to win with right now against horizontal decks, so I'm sure you played it well.

Since you were soliciting advice, here are some general thoughts.

You don't have a lot of card draw power. I'd consider both adding some (inject is good but you'd probably want to put a couple Omar breakers and/or 1 retrieval run in if you went with that) while at the same time getting down to 45 cards for maximum consistency.

I think your plan to cut a NRE for temujin is good, but it probably means you want to replace a yog with black orchestra to give yourself a second option to deal with lotus field.

Some suggestions for cuts: Since you don't have account siphon, I'd probably drop the eaters. I don't think you need a second xanadu.

I'm also not sure about the cyberfeeders. I'd replace at least one of them with a Kati Jones and also add a vamp.

I'd take a look at your events and think of adding some that would be good targets for same old thing. Right now it looks like your primary SOT target is hacktivist meeting, with some cases where you'd use en passant. I wouldn't take out a deja vu.

You of course know your play style, so do what works for you though.

15 Feb 2017 x3r0h0ur

oh damn, i was going to attempt to get reina one last tournament victory, looks like I don't have to now.

16 Feb 2017 SourSweet

Nice work!

19 Feb 2017 EnderA

You could consider switching to a Siphon based build:

-2 Temüjin Contract, -2 Yog.0, -2 Mimic, -3 Cyberfeeder, -2 Net-Ready Eyes, -2 Crescentus

+3 Account Siphon, +1 MKUltra, +1 Eater, +1 Black Orchestra, +3 Inject, +1 Keyhole.