Fresh Kit - SOCR4

zafuri 34

Another of my first CR deck. You can find my Tennin deck for Corp side here:


The deck is pretty much your standard Kit utilizing her strength to turn the first ICE into Code Gate. The deck packs shenaningans like Test Run and Scavenge to help face-checking less punishing as you can always install something and Scavenge back for your trashed programs.

Scavenge and Escher is our key cards here. We don't need multiple Eschers but we do need multiple Scavenges to be more flexible in attacking Corp servers.

Test Run is there for making runs that the Corp think it's impossible because they thought they can tank your Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman's ability but you could fetch up for programs you need and suddenly the Corp's set up goes blank.

Normally, you would want to run aggressively on central servers with Cyber-Cypher marked, forcing the Corp to commit more ICE. Then, try to mark a remote server if the Corp had one, force the Corp to commit ICE on the scoring remote again.

A barrier outside will be the best thing we want to see. Forcing rezzes and then make sure you don't get punished too much. Daredevil will then come into the picture to help dig out Escher and go ahead messing up the Corp's set up again.

With this much tempo disruption while progressively moving into the inevitable (somehow) end game of Shaper , you can definitely ensure the snowball effect will bear fruit unless the pressure came late and the Corp is like 2 points away from winning, and Cyber-Cypher is exactly there for you to mess Corp up until you got Gordian Blade down in late.

Spear Phishing is the tech card when the Corp glaciered against you, and Egret is your emergency button. Make sure to have Self-modifying Code if you plan to run first, then install Egret when see fit. Watch out for Tithonium. That card laughs at Egret.

There was a mistake in NOT PLAYING Network Exchange until my Tennin got wrecked by another Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman that plays it. Network Exchange will be a great addition to Kit because Corp will almost always layer up against us to get pass Kit's ability unless that's no scoring game plan in Corp at all (going ICE less or less ICE).

However this need to be justified more as Networking start to build up the pressure in multiples but not sure when only 1 copy appeared on the play area instead.


Hopefully with the upcoming SOCR5 this Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman deck would get some good refinements and upgrades to make the cut of top!

Until then, always be running. Ciao!