cpsubrian 167

Trying to make Matrix worth playing. With Matrix and Simone you should be able to advance stuff all over the place for free. This has a few purposes:

  • Advance traps/GRNDL. In theory GRNDL has epic returns if you didn't pay to advance it. Even more so if you didn't even spend clicks. Aggsec is there with Shutdown and Swarm to keep away programs. The ice here is pretty weak (until its advanced).
  • Advance ice. Concentrate on one, but spread around as needed for protection.
  • Advance agendas (duh).

Commercialization should have nice returns. I'm including reclamation with the hopes that I can grab back two commercializations in the later half of the game for lots of cash.

I think I want to lean towards over-advancing atlas. It will look like the other 4/2s and if I can get a counter on it I can play mind games by grabbing a trap.

Prob not perfect yet, but its different from what I normally play so it will be fun to test this.

14 Apr 2014 cpsubrian

I got a few plays of this in tonight. Won both. It actually worked quite well. Hive was my goto HQ ice. Matrix was place exclusively on R&D. Swarm actually ended up being the ice that protected my remote the best. At one point I had a swarm up to 10 tokens (mostly due to matrix). I always made sure to have a cheap ETR behind swarm, so if they knew it was an agenda they couldn't just ditch their programs to get through.

Commercialization was my lifeblood. In two of the games I managed to double commercialize, and then get both back with a single reclamation. Tons of cash.

I think I will +1 Enigma, -2 Quandry, +1 something else, probably GRNDL. GRNDL was awesome to both bait out runs through my expensive swarm, and also got me tons of cash one game (kept pumping with matrix/simone when I had spare clicks).

NAPD is awesome when it works .. but has slight anti-synergy with swarm. So far its not enough to remove either.

24 Apr 2014 Exo

I really like the idea and the deck, grats man. I ended up making my own version of it with cards I enjoy playing (like Archer). If you want to look at it, here's the link !

24 Apr 2014 Exo

I added some Shipment from Kaguya which seems to perfect fit the deck. :)