Frantic Trope, Hyper Fear

ntahfs 445

The heart of this deck is Fear the Masses on a Hyperdriver turn in order to mill 21 cards very suddenly. I tried to come up with a reliable way to put all the Fear in hand for a Hyperdriver turn as quickly as possible. Enter Frantic Coding and Trope.

Just be aware that this strategy falls flat against archives clearing cards like Ark Lockdown, or Chronos Protocol. So, I've built the deck with some other options.

It can play as a no-frills runner deck with Şifr Parasite Clone Chip and typical Anarch breakers without Datasucker. They will depend heavily on Şifr! Aaron Marrón and Temüjin Contract. I don't need to talk about those cards, but they're there for the no-frills strategy.

But, the fun (and unexpected) strategy is to dump your whole stack and in the process install Hyperdriver and Trope in preparation for the super mill turn. Frantic Coding is perfect for this strategy. The conspiracy breakers (Black Orchestra, MKUltra, Paperclip) also fit nicely into this strategy. On the Hyperdriver turn, you should try to have Rumor Mill ready if there is the possibility of Jackson Howard. Sports Hopper should be saved, not only to reduce the threat of traces, but also for draw once Trope returns Fear the Masses to the stack (and whatever other pieces are needed). Two Sports Hoppers can put them all in hand very quickly!

It can be played as a hybrid of these two strategies, delaying the super mill idea until the no-frills runner idea faces difficulty. There are some additional cards that let the hybrid strategy become a little more effective while you wait, i.e. Hacktivist Meeting, Bhagat, and Spoilers. Plop em down as they come!

If the corp sees some Fear the Masses in the heap due to Frantic Coding, it's likely that they might try to fortify HQ to an unreasonable degree. If you can't clear HQ ice with Şifr Parasite Clone Chip Déjà Vu, this is when you use Medium.

Good luck, and have fun!