No Tears, Only (Erased) Dreams [6th Fresno Regionals]

omnijeff 524

This corp gets a mandatory draw, two mandatory clicks for credits, and one action to spend as you please.

I played some Comrade's PU during store champ season and found it worked pretty well but lost to two big cards: Rebirth into Omar, Turning Wheel, and Film Critic.

I expected the field to be saturated with EStrike (it was), so I got rid of the tech cards against Film Critic and added Cerebral Static. With this I could stop Omar's ability and turn mine back on - a big win-win.

Sadaka stuffs Indexing and trashes Turning Wheel, it probably should be a 2-of (don't ask me how). It trashed a Turning Wheel with over 10 counters on it and a SOT that would have been used for Levy soon - MVP of the deck.

With Whampoa Reclamation on the MWL, I had to spend 4 more influence and try to keep myself from getting flooded. For infuence I debated long and hard with Timmy on the car ride up to Fresno, but ultimately I decided to go all in on the best cards in the deck and went up to 3x of AM and Ark Lockdown. The deck doesn't draw enough for any fewer to be good. For the flood/more recursion, I went with 2x Genotyping, but in hindsight I would have been much better served with Distract the Masses.