SOCR6 Top 8: The Most Successful Cache Refresh Sunny Ever

Sanjay 3547

This is a version of the Sunny deck I played in the most recent Stimhack Online Cache Refresh tournament. As part of the tournament rules, you can change your deck in between rounds, and this deck can import some cool extra options:

  • Employee Strike if you are worried about Mti Mwekundu
  • Apocalypse if you think it would be funny
  • More Mad Dashes if you are up against an agenda suite that might not like to see that.

The fact that you only have 2 Underworld Contact means you need to play this deck in a different way... You can't just set up and assume you will win in the late game. Your econ isn't good enough for that. Instead you have to go reasonably aggro and get early accesses and hit the corp before they get on their feet. White Hat helps with that. Aumakua helps with that.

Thank you very much to @osclate for suggesting the Aumakuas and the Falsified Credentials. They are why the deck works.

Thank you also to @osclate for playing Sunny and not doing quite as well as me. Being top Sunny in this tournament is easily in my top 100 greatest Netrunner accomplishments.

P.S. The next Stimhack Online Cache Refresh tournament is starting soon and it should be really fun. We are replacing Red Sands with Reign and Reverie and the card pool seems really delightful. More info is here.