Skorpios Couriers: Get Over Here!

MikeJS 666

This is a semi-competitive Red Planet Couriers deck that has many ways to score out Government Takeover from hand depending on your board state.

It also loses to Lock Hayley, hard. I considered 1 Cyberdex Trial but I doesn't get me through a Sac con and a smart opponent will always have one of those on the table.

Typical wins include:

Click 1 Fast Track GT. Click 2 Hasty Lateral/Red Planet, and if you need it 1 dedication ceremony to get you to 9 counters, Click 3 Diagnostics ftw.

Click 1 and 2, Hasty Combo, and Click 3 advance (having had 8 advancement counters on the table.

Click 1, install GT, Click 2 and 3 Hasty combo.

Why Skorp - 40/15. Simple as. Also, great against MaxX and people who play Siphon. I don't want to play this in Weyland Consortium: Builder of Nations and lose 3 influence. Skorp is more disruptive than the 1 meat anyway.

As for Ice. Hortum is MVP and once on 3 counters shuts down pesky Eater decks until they find a Black Orchestra.

6-adv Colossus is a beautiful thing.

4 Barriers round it out and 10 seems about right.

Anson Rose forces a runner to come get him, just in case they get ideas about not letting you rez Ice.

NB: Government Takeover will lose you games.

22 Jun 2017 ntahfs

I like this idea.

Have you considered "Clones are not People" to score 7 points from hand in 1 shot?

23 Jun 2017 ntahfs

So, I just tried it on my own. It's practically impossible to get the combo in hand when it's a 6 card combo. a 5 card combo is more reasonable, but you have no wiggle room. Maybe some hand size would help the situation.

Very hard to pull this off. Cool idea anyway!

23 Jun 2017 MikeJS

I've never had too much trouble with the combo in testing, because of extra copies of Hasty and Accel. That's the benefit of this I think. Really it's just a 3 card combo. Hasty Relocation, Red Planet Couriers and Accelerated Diagnostics. Everything else is flexible. If you have GT, no Fast Track. If you have 3 clicks, no Lateral Growth, if you have at least 8 counters, no need for Dedication Ceremony.

I quite like your "Clones are not People" idea and will test that in another RPC deck I've got build where it would work better I think... and I can spare the influence. Thanks for trying out my deck :)

23 Jun 2017 Kaiji

I've played something similar, also with Clones and won a Store Champ with it (You can check it out here: I also thought about running that build in one of the 40/XX IDs because I wanted to increase my ICE density. I'm Still undecided between Skorp & BoN though.