Rihanna (3rd NH Regionals)

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work, work, work

You see me I be work, work, work, work, work, work

4-1 at NH regionals. 2nd place HB was similar too, Moon/SSCG/BWC.

A bundle of fast advance tools in the Moons HB shell, spent most of the influence on SanSans since they're by far the best FA tool and positively obnoxious when you have HB's recursion. Props to @joseki who's been working on similar builds and gave me feedback on this.

This deck has all sorts of gross lines and combos due to the sheer quantity of FA tools. It's trivial to score GFI out of hand since you accumulate combo pieces on the board by doing what you already want to do (spam for Moon counters). I've done things like: draw, draw, draw an agenda finally, gain a Jeeves , Biotic with rezzed Work Crew to install 3/2 on SanSan & score the winning points. Half the time, when I score the final agenda I have leftover clicks.

card choice notes

I believed all of your dreams are duration…

I never dug the Subliminal Messaging-BWC combo because deck slots & I wanted more ICE. You already want to play 3x Biotic, I never felt like I had a BWC but no Biotic to combo with. I tried both Field Test & Sales Team in the 4/2 slot and SFT is win more. It's super fun when it works & you get Moon synergy before/after scoring but against Whiz or siphon where your econ is threatened you'll want the CST drip.

Enigma is so good when people think they can click through all your non-sentry ICE.

Fast Track deserves a look for crazy BWC combos but I never tested it.

I should've had 3rd Architect over 2nd Temple. Just dumb not to, Temple feels better than it is because you're constantly rezzing Assembly Lines with it but again against Whiz you'd prefer another piece of ICE. You really want 2 SanSan & some amount of Jackson; Jackson is very valuable in some situations but I didn't feel bad about only having one.


Nobody text me in a crisis…

I was on stream at bdisraeli for the first 2 & last of these games.

(W) R1 against good stuff Andromeda — I've a good opening that includes Moon, AAL, & a Fairchild 3 for HQ. I give up 4 quick points to R&D single accesses which terrifies me so I double ICE it. My board snowballs beautifully from here as Andy can't find the tempo to handle my assets, make money, & find her breakers. At one point, I'm able to stifle a Temüjin on Archives with an AAL recurred onto the board, which is a huge swing. Eventually Andy's too poor to contest a rezzed SanSan & I topdeck a 3/2 when I need something to score, winning the game a few turns later off a Biotic-BWC-SanSan combo to score the only agenda I could find, a GFI.

(W) R2 against siphon Whiz — Whiz sees all 3 Dirty Laundry early but has an otherwise awkward start with Eater as his only breaker. I draw a decent amount of good ICE which is exactly what I need vs. Whiz; I have a completely safe Enigma remote for the whole game. I just need to stave off siphons & not lose on R&D. I bluff a CVS on HQ as Crisium, which seems to distress him but I think he never actually found any siphons. Whiz's economy fizzles out entirely & I get a big Moon for 4 counters which swings the game. SanSan & Biotic 3/2 scores to close things out.

R3&4 ID yeah it's lame but I really want to make a regionals cut for the 1st time.

(W) R1 cut against DLR Whiz — Andrej from Métropole Grid is on a DLR Whiz which sets up steadily while he checks remotes. I flood out early so I have to use my only Jackson to clean up HQ, much to my chagrin. I get an Architect on a remote & keep dragging him through it to trash stuff. We're eventually racing with me trying to keep money up & FA while he mills 4-5 cards a turn using Josh B. I get to game point, he mills 4 with DLR, I use an AAL to ICE archives mostly as a bluff, he pops 2 Fall Guys so he can install Hades Shard. I've 4 cards left in deck at this point. He pops the shard…to find only 3 agendas in archives (I've scored 3, am holding 2, there's 1 left in R&D). I can't score out the next turn but I draw a SanSan, plus I can trash the DLR now that Fall Guys are gone. I put the SanSan in the ICEd remote, ICE R&D, he gets a one-in-three R&D access through Eli but then Vanilla secures HQ for the win. Crazy close game, he had no way of knowing that I couldn't win on the penultimate turn or else he could've milled me out.

(W) R2 cut against lock Hayley — I'm comfortable playing against Hayley because I get to develop a crazy board state with lots of Moon counters. I try to rush early behind Architect-Enigma but Nick sniffs it out & draws up, installs SMC, runs in for the steal. My first agenda is a FA'd GFI (Biotic, BWC, Jeeves) before he has Clot access, he proceeds to whiff on a 5-card Deep Data Mining, then misses 1 agenda in 4 on a Legwork. I'm great at Netrunner. I eventually stack like 5 ICE on the remote & keep jamming stuff in there, funny enough he calls it perfectly & dodges a lot of bait. But as soon as the first Levy is played Clot goes away & it's all over; I score 4pts in 1 turn with Biotic -> BWC to install on SanSan -> adv adv score 3/2 -> Team Sponsorship install on the SanSan again -> adv adv score 3/2, waste a Jeeves click.

I ran out of crazy luck after that round.

(L) R3 cut against Desperado Val — I have some decent tempo early but Val has turn 1 Desperado after a mulligan. Toby (who won in the end, grats to him) was incredibly precise about checking remotes & trashing only when he needed to, pinging single accesses off of R&D & HQ when not controlling my board. Despite recurring a SanSan & one decent Moon fire, I eventually flood out with agendas & it's super obvious since I'm not installing for Moon counters. I can't rez a Fairchild 3 on HQ at a couple opportune moments & get shredded for it. Toby played this well and I'll have to watch the stream to see what I could have done better. I think slowing down to click for credits & use ICE to force breaker installs (he basically only installed Desperado the whole game) was a better line than the default asset spam mode I went for.

GGs all around, tried to take it home for NH/Cali but couldn't. This deck is sweet. Very fast, I like that it doesn't durdle but wants to get straight to scoring ASAP. Hopefully Friends gets MWL'd soon so we can play fair versions of it.