Deep Digs, Deeper Pockets (Cardboard Gaming Snake Draft)

SnarkAttack 44

This was my runner deck for the Cardboard Gaming Snake Draft on 6/26/17. All I knew about Netrunner snake drafts going into this was that 1. Money is important 2. Breakers are important and that's 100% what this deck is based around, with a couple of different ways to get money depending on what you see.


My first picks were back-to-back Desperado and Sec Testing. I assumed (rightly, at least for my opponents) that money would be tight enough in Corp decks that icing every server would be too much. My next three picks were the three breakers, and they all served me well. Except when they decided to sit at the bottom of the deck and I didn't have Special Order. Los and support cards happened because I'm a fan of him anyway, and good stuff Crim was being split three ways (the draft ended with Los, Andy, and Leela) so I needed to pick a somewhat unique style, and the built in Los money was appealing. The final picks were Citadel Sanctuary and Power Tap, which scared someone into hate drafting DLR (correctly), but also game a failed run with John Mas/Citadel at the end of every turn if I really needed it.


Round 1 - Win vs. Palana. Ran hard, picked a couple of agendas from HQ and R&D early (he was running 3 pointers), and used some Inside Jobs and Emergency Shutdowns to counter the Eliza's Toybox that had shown up behind a Chiyashi that I forced a rez on with FAO. Second Inside Job game me a Niesi out of 4 cards, after which my opponent showed me the 3 Snares left in hand. Better lucky than good.

Round 2 - Loss vs ETF. Did not get lucky on accesses, but really set myself behind by getting bold and running face first into a Merlin on R&D after seeing one off the top the previous turn, wiping my hand (which had 2 breakers). I never caught up, and he scored a 5/3 from hand with Efficiency Committee/Shipment from San San/Vitruvius counters/actual advancing (all in a legal order), which I can fully say I was not prepared for.

Round 3 - Timed loss vs. CtM. This CtM deck was ridiculously good (29 point of influence if you use MWL, which we were not), but I actually held an advantage through most of this game. I grabbed 2 Breaking News early and consistently trashing assets, but keeping up money with Bank Job/Desperado/Sec Test. I forced out all 3 Jacksons relatively early, and got SSCGs and all the Mumba Temples into Archives. Unfortunately, Power Tap and Citadel came up a little late, and a Little Engine on HQ kept me out since I couldn't get to my decoders. He managed to score out a Beale on a San San at one point, and got a Breaking News a few turns before time. He added an ICE to HQ his last turn to stop Inside Job, and my Turning Wheel run on R&D came up empty. (Full disclosure: he power drew for 4 turns with 3 Jacksons and didn't find a single Sensies until after all the Jacksons had been RFGed. This one probably should have been way worse for me).

I had slightly higher hopes for this deck, but I think my one full loss at least partially due to the piloting error, and I've learned a valuable lesson about program tutoring. Had we been allowed to use Earth's Scion (we only played with packs up to Station One minus TD) I would 100% have added Rosetta 2.0 and a couple cheap programs for tutoring, which I think is all this deck really needed.