Speed 4: Endurance Sprint [4th / 18 at NYC Startup CO]

em-crabtree 82

At first glance, the deck's wincon may appear to be Deep Dive, but no. The wincon is Boat.

The gameplan? Draw for Boat. Install Boat. Win.

I went 3-1 in Swiss (only losing to @skry's #1 deck), 0-2 in the cut (despite scoring a murder-free 6 points turn 1 versus @internet, thanks to whiffing the second Deep Dive a turn or two later, followed by an unexpected bypass of my remote camp via Big Deal).

As you may guess from the @internet game, things get dire if you install the Boat and do not Win, especially if the Corp has Fast Advance options. The core gameplan (Boat) is solid but the deck (made the night before) is very unoptimized.

Obvious tweaks include:

  • A Third Deep Dive, absolute must to keep the Boat Party Rockin for a bit longer
  • Drop the Paladin Poemu for better breakers, perhaps Afterimage
  • Clot, which I debated including but, alas, didn't

The Captain-powered indefinite Earthrise Hotel tab is nice, but hard to sustain and dropped once the Boat is installed. So another Diesel might be nice.

Paricia is questionable but it will let you wreck Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center and assist in lots of other situations, so consider the meta.

Congrats to @skry, and thanks to @kysra for TO'ing!