Ben Ni Control The Moose

kisqqcs 30

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8 Aug 2017 b3ar

Where you happy with the deck?

8 Aug 2017 kisqqcs

I made some changes to the original deck and I got lucky with my matchups. I only dropped one match with it when I didn't rez Blacklist in time to avoid an access with a Paperclip in the bin.

9 Aug 2017 beyoken

Blacklist?! You madman :P

Grats on the strong placing!

9 Aug 2017 kisqqcs

Thank you for creating such a strong list :). And for all the great videos :).

12 Aug 2017 TR1S

@beyoken I am going to publish the untold genesis of this deck after the Aldershot GNK today. I feel like the world needs to know the truth that all you do is take Tris von Doggo's bad lists with one neat idea and make them not rubbish.