Unsung Heroes: Eddy Kim

Cluster Fox 592

Publishing for ABR.

For those interested, the format was that you were assigned two random corp and runner identities from a pool consisting only of the "least played/popular" ones, about a month prior to the tournament. You had to choose a corp and a runner, and you had to build an interesting deck around your given identities. It was fun, 'nuff said.

2 Apr 2017 Elodius

yes ! all sorts of YES ! was a blast playing against this and a true 'unsung hero' deck !

the other option was: green ID --> play Dyper, yellow corp --> play Railgun for a much divers meta...

3 Apr 2017 Cluster Fox

@Elodius It was a fun game and a fun tournament. Your Laramy deck was pretty awesome too :D Indeed a shame when someone participates in a fun tournament like this and just swaps the identities in a Dyper and Railgun shell. If all you care about is winning.. then whatever. :)

20 Sep 2017 joni911

Except for Kati nothing in this list rotates. And it seems pretty unaffected by the rumored banned/restricted list. I'll give this a solid try during the current shake up.

20 Sep 2017 Cluster Fox

@joni911well I was messing around with this deck the other day for funsies and it still holds up. It's not amazing, but it is A LOT of fun :) I just swapped out Kati for some hired bodyguards against Breached Dome shenanigans and it worked out fine. I can't stress enough how much work that single Calling in Favors does, so hold on to it until your board is set up! If I were to change anything I might include Councilmen or maybe a Corporate Defector.

22 Sep 2017 joni911

@Cluster Fox It is a ton of fun :) Given the experience I made with it I'd say it's a slightly above average deck that leaves some Corps very confused. The Source does amazing work in shaking up their game plans! It's biggest weakness seems to be a slow start. I replaced Kati and ditched the two Slums for 3x Armitage. At the moment I'm experimenting with Dummy Box and Caldera. The inclusion of a PolOp or some Councilmen might be more crucial though...

22 Sep 2017 Cluster Fox

@joni911Yeah it is very slow. That's why you need that Calling in Favors after your setup to be relevant. The Source + Fall Guy keeps the tempo down until you're ready to pop and rock. I made (or I should say, adapted) this deck in a pretty asset-spamy meta, hence the Scrubbers and the Slums. What I'd probably do it drop the Slums and Kati for 2x Councilman and 1x Corporate Defector. Dummy Box could replace Fall Guys but you'd probably want two to have the deck be consistent.. so you'd probably have to drop an Oracle May to do so. Anyway, glad you're enjoying it, it's a really fun deck :)