Let's Do the Time Walk Again

aleph_c 624

Please do not play this list or its kin.

Don't try to refine it or improve it.

It is an abomination.

I document it here so that everyone may know: Yes, it can be done, and it works in real play. Let us all just leave it at that.

24 Aug 2017 phette23

You're a monster.

24 Aug 2017 voo

Care to explain what's going on in here?

24 Aug 2017 Smirnoffico

@voo the idea is to leave runner with no clicks to run

24 Aug 2017 Kiya

@voo: the best kind of strategy, that's what <3

-clone suffrage to spam load testing

-mumbad city hall to search mumba temples to trash them to trigger ronald five, museum of history to get them back (and also marilyn)

-virtuvius, friends, MCA, et al to smooth roadblocks

-if all else fails: efficency committee, jeeves and almost certainly armed MCA for rapid advancing

24 Aug 2017 voo

Thanks for the input, appreciate it. It seems to me that you cannot advance when committee fires, is that bypassed somehow? It also looks as there is very little defense for some of the most important assets. How do you protect them?

24 Aug 2017 Jeffrey Bosboom

@Kiya Can you be more explicit about the Ronald Five interaction? Ronald only triggers when the Runner does the trashing. Is the point just that the Runner can't afford to leave the Temples?

25 Aug 2017 aleph_c

@voo The assets are protected through click exhaustion. Load Testing and MCAAP mean they have fewer clicks to run them. Enhanced Login Protocol means they'll have to spend 2 clicks to run an asset. Ronald Five will make it cost another click (if they have any left). And Friends in High Places just reinstalls anything that gets trashed.

As far as the agendas go, they're kind of arbitrary, but theoretically useful. The goal is to make sure the runner can never run, and none of the agendas actually directly help with that. The advantage of Efficiency Committee is that, if you have the board state, you can actually score it without losing tempo on the click lock. For example, a turn that happens before the runner is completely locked out might look something like:

Click 1: Take MCAAP to get 4 more clicks (for a total of 7).
Click 2: Install EffCom.
Clicks 3,4,5,6: Advance and Score EffCom, gaining a click (#8) from Jeeves in the process.
Clicks 7,8,9: Use EffCom to gain 6 more clicks. (We're up to 14 total now.)
Click 10: Load Testing.
Click 11: Load Testing.
Clicks 12+13: Use Consulting Visit to play Enhanced Login Protocol.
Click 14: Friends in High Places to reinstall the MCAAP used on click 1 and the one card they managed to trash last turn.

... I feel like a bad person just typing that out.

25 Aug 2017 zmb

What? No Estelle Moon?

MCA Austerity Policy is an awful awful card... FFS FFG!

25 Aug 2017 zmb

Voting Machine Initiative as agenda would be even worse. And click loss ice like Enigma, Hourglass or just click taxing ice like Fairchild 3.0 For jank throw in a Heinlein Grid with a Mason Bellamy

26 Aug 2017 SillySod

The real problem is Friends in High Places combined with Clown Suffrage. If you took away Friends the deck would still have teeth but it would be a whole lot more manageable for a lot of decks to play against.

26 Aug 2017 zmb

Ehmmm.... money? This deck needs M O N E Y :)

27 Aug 2017 aleph_c

@zmb shhhh, we don't want anybody making this list better, because then more people might start to play it.

Really though, the first City Hall targets have to be the Temples. And Ice Wall and Quandary are in because they're cheap. I'd prefer Tour Guide over Rototurret, but I wanted City Halls more.

The janklady in me wants to throw Ruhr Valley in, but it's pretty expensive, and it's not easy to fetch.