Helheim Servers

phette23 2213

This deck's been doing really well for me in casual games and the one GNK I took it to. It's fun to see opponents get really confused when you…ICE a remote and install in it out of CI. It's like, the most shocking thing.

Game plan is simple: rez NEXT ICE, then land a gigantic NEXT Gold using either Batty or Helheim or both. You can kill via the net damage or wipe all the runners' breakers to lock them out. Barring Sifr or D4V1D it's almost always impossible to break. Sometimes runners get hesitant and you don't get to rez much NEXT ICE, so I wonder if something like Executive Boot Camp or another way to prerez ICE might be helpful.

Being able to play the new clearances is so powerful. Once you're playing efficient operations like UVCthat do three things, installing one card per click feels lame so value Shipment from MirrorMorph made its way in.