Mile High Middling Supermodernism

Duxmar 178

This deck helped me place 10th of 39 at the Colorado Regionals. This was my first tourney with over 16 participants. Worked with CrimsonWraith (a local like me) to tune and learn this deck, and my few losses were due to (retroactively) obvious misplays. I strongly feel that even in a post-H&P world that this deck can definitely wreck shop. Got the win against the 2nd place finisher 7-0 due to the strength of power shutdown vs the centrals only breakers, killed the Passport twice and Enigma stood strong to protect Archives against 6 milled points. I see this in GRNDL and BaBW, and I feel like this reinforces the break neck pace this wants to run (Win before bad pub hurts too bad/ Credits to snare scorch early/ survive early Account Siphon) losses were to shaper recursion/ the Maker's Eye. Love thoughts on my first published deck.

19 May 2014 TheRyanBurke

This deck rocked. My only feedback is maybe some meatier ICE includes for all that dope cash you sit on. Hard to do with 10 inf, though. Most Weyland ICE is pretty safe to face check. Perhaps one Hadrian instead of the Bastion? Fitting in a Tollbooth would be nice, too.

22 May 2014 jmbostwick

Was your primary goal a kill or a victory? And how often did either occur?

27 May 2014 Duxmar

Point victory mostly, the Scorch was largely there to catch runners that made mistakes, and to slow them while I blazed through scoring. Only flatlines came in the consolation bracket when one opponent didn't notice that my hitting fracking twice to have enough for the SEA, and got another opponent to hit a snare click four. Overscoring Atlas did work as well to pull Hostiles FTW