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Recently I just got my interest bloomed in A: NR and decided to begin my journey in this LCG game. This is my first experience in building decks, so this deck would be condemned as sub-par, sub standard, lousy, etc. I do not hope for praises, but I would really appreciate criticism and recommendation. I would start from casual (with of course limitation from NAPD Wanted List on mind) and one day I will achieve something competitively.


The first thing in my mind after I read the rules and Noise's ability is how to steal agenda while also thinning out the Corporation's R&D pile. CMIIW but there are no other Virus cards owned by other factions except Anarch and Crypsis in the core set (?) Thus, my choice is limited into these cards:

If, hypothetically speaking, the Runner is able, somehow, to install all these 11 Virus Programs, these would thin out by in average 24,4% R&D pile (the average minimum cards in the deck is about 45). Simultaneously, when the Corporation is not careful (read: thin ICE defence on Archives), then Noise would punish by spending 1 and running on the mentioned server.

Now, let's do the math. In the most ideal case to do a successful run, the programs installed should be about this:

In total, Noise needs minimum 15 and 5. This is why Magnum Opus and Djinn must be really included in the deck. Period.

Card Breakdown


  1. Déjà Vu would be really helpful to search 2 virus cards and take it to the grip, ready to be installed and thinning out the R&D pile.

  2. Demolition Run is to trash dangerous ICE and other problematic cards that usually cannot be trashed. Plus, it costs only 2 to trash those cards.

  3. Forged Activation Orders is really good, especially when the Corporation has insufficient at hand. Say good bye to expensive and powerful ICE.

  4. Infiltration is really helpful to build economy. I will abuse this card to gain more .

  5. Modded is useful to reduce the cost for expensive cards such as Yog.0 and Magnum Opus.


  1. Cyberfeeder compensates 1 per turn when Noise needs to install Virus or use Icebreakers.

  2. Grimoire helps a lot to save that usually used for placing 1 virus counter and also giving additional 2.

  3. The Personal Touch is a non-Anarch card that is proven to help those Icebreakers that could not be strengthened up by spending .


  1. Access to Globalsec will really reduce the cost to prevent Noise getting tagged.

  2. Armitage Codebusting is an alternative when Magnum Opus is not there.

  3. Ice Carver helps to break ICE.

  4. Sacrificial Construct is your escape route to prevent the Corporation trashing important program or hardware.


This part is actually quite self-explanatory. Nonetheless, there is something that should be mentioned here: (More likely this being a question from me)

When Crypsis is already installed, I do not think Mimic would be useful, though. Q: Should I just take these cards away, then?


  1. Datasucker is a must because several Icebreakers are not able to be boosted up by spending .

  2. Djinn will be really a good complimentary to Grimoire because it gives additional 2 free and this card is really essential in a virus deck. It helps finding another virus cards when needed.

  3. Magnum Opus is self-explanatory.

  4. Medium is really great to access more cards from the R&D pile. **Warning!! Please be careful with traps such as Snare!.

  5. Parasite is idem with Datasucker. Would be a good combo.

End Note

I do really need recommendations and also the chance to play test this deck. I live in Kassel, Germany. Anyone who is patient enough and really willing to be a good mentor could really be a valuable resource for me to catch up because I am 5 years late to start playing this game. I know I need a lot to learn and I really would like to play better and better.

Recommendations regarding which data packs I need to get, how should I prepare for rotation, and what is missing and redundant in my strategy and playing style would be really appreciated!

N.B. I have bought 3 core sets!! :( Anyone who is willing to sell their first and second cycles so I do not have to buy the revised core set will be accepted too!