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Charmander's Frat Party
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x-factor103 180

Newest version of the deck can be found at: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/46158/charmander-s-frat-party#

A quick search on NRDB for Kit + Inversificator in post-rotation, MWL 2.0 compliance doesn't turn up much these days. So here's my contribution to this niche corner of deckbuilding!

The idea started off with: "let's see how much mileage we can get out of Inversificator in Kit." Naturally, that started expanding. "We have lots of spare MU, so why not Data Folding? And since we're going drip, and I hate traces (and won't have a ton of cash to pay them down anymore), lets add Rabbit Hole and Underworld Contact." And of course Deep Data Mining seems a natural choice for lots of unused MU.

I've heard Stimhack is good in InversiKit, so let's toss that in.

Aumakua is there for "just in case I need a little something extra," though with the removal of Dean Lister from an earlier version of this deck, it's questionable. The Turning Wheel is a stand-in for 1x Legwork, given Kit's influence limits.

Laguna Velasco District may seem odd, but this deck really appreciates pure draw when digging for your drip, more general econ, targets for Supplier, or just some breaking power. You definitely need Supplier or Career Fair which was in an earlier iteration, to make it reasonable for your tempo.

I'd really prefer to have Lister back in the deck, especially given Laguna Velaso's abiltiy to stuff your hand, but DECK SLOTS!

Overall, the deck feels a bit slow. It lack's Kit's signature speed unless you draw an early Stimhack. The deck originally packed some Spooned, but that influence is just such a hit! I feel like a little bit of extra pressure on the Corp's ICE could make this deck significantly better, but again it's a question of influence (maybe swap Suppliers back for Career Fairs and toss in 1x Spooned).

What do you think? Inversificator seems too good not to experiment with! Would Tapwrm be too much drip? Kit demands answers! (thank you for any feedback you want to leave)

Side Note: the name of the deck comes from a friend saying that Spooned + System Seizure (aka brain freeze) was like eating ice cream too fast. Sadly neither of those cards are in this iteration of the deck anymore. Feel free to suggest a new name!

12 Oct 2017 x-factor103

The deck may say it's not legal right now, but it may be because I accidentally took "core set" Tinkering instead of the revised core.

12 Oct 2017 wait what

Does Algo Trading do enough work to justify being slotted over Dean Lister?

12 Oct 2017 x-factor103

@wait what I don't know, honestly. Those slots are open (in fact I could see dropping to 2x SacCon for 3x SomeOtherEconGoesHere). I'm messing with Armitage right now, but they're really just a placeholder; takes a lot of clicks to get and use em. Ideally, I'd love to have the money AND the flexibility of Lister.