Jinteki Matchpoint Run v2.1

rpgdmcash 11

Tried JMPRv2 and it was slow. Couldn't find any of the six agendas in time before the runner could set up. Adding Fast Track and Anonymous Tip to see how it would speed up the deck.

Wondering if Shi Kyu might help - net damage or -1 agenda point, That would mean the runner would need to score 3 agendas to win.

Any Suggestions? Any thoughts would help. Thanks.

26 Apr 2014 GreatGreedyGuts

Shi Kyu is definitely a useful inclusion if you've got the econ for it. Forcing the runner into requiring a third Agenda is going to help you immensely, if you can pull it off. I might suggest Jackson Howard over Anonymous Tip for the re-usable nature of his ability, and also for the recursion it allows (popping Mushin, a lost Agenda, GRNDL, or some other useful thing back into your deck).

I like the potential Mushin/GRNDL combination, I must say. Hadn't thought of it before, but 12c for two cards and a full turn certainly isn't terrible.

I'd think Cerebral Overwriter would be useful for you, but I can see how you might not have the room for it, influence wise. Junebug can just be run relatively safely, so unless you put a fourth advancement on it after Mushin-ing, it's not liable to do much killing...

I'd also consider trying to find the room for Tricks of Light, so your traps don't end up being wasted if the runner doesn't check them.

27 Apr 2014 rpgdmcash

@GreatGreedyGuts: Thanks. Totally forgot about Jackson Howard.

Tried out ToL but with only Junebug, they tend to be dead cards in hand most of the time.

I'm considering -1 Fast track and +1 Shi Kyu.

Also -1 Quandary and +1 Guard. Almost always got my 1st turn Mushined Agenda taken by an Inside Job.

27 Apr 2014 Nitneuq

GRNDL cannot be rez on the turn it has been mushined. But still great combo ^^

29 Apr 2014 bubo

@rpgdmcash: I meant to comment on this when it first came out, and ended up forgetting about it. Have you taken a peak at my Party Planner deck that I derived from yours? It increased the Agenda density while incorporating a strong RSVP defense. I ended up switching the Medical Research Fundraiser back to Hedge Fund after the publication, and I'm still tweaking it around.

I'm doubtful about Wraparound in your ICE list. With Corroder still being a major component in meta, that Fractal break significantly weakens Wraparound's value. Inazuma feels like it would fit in well here instead of Wraparound.

I'm concerned about Medical Research Fundraiser in this deck. MRF is advancing the Runner to Phase 2/3 alongside the Corp, but this deck has no solutions or counters to this threat. Considering the low count of high value targets in this deck (the Agendas and GRNDL Refiner), it feels like this deck is begging for a Celebrity Gift instead of MRF.

I concur with @GreatGreedyGuts regarding Jackson Howard and Shi.Kyu's inclusion in this deck. If Celebrity Gift is substituted for MRF, then there should be enough economy to execute a Shi.Kyu.

I concur with @GreatGreedyGuts regarding Jackson Howard and Shi.Kyu's inclusion in this deck. If Celebrity Gift is substituted for MRF, then there should be enough economy to execute a Shi.Kyu.

I'm not a fan of Fast Track in this style of deck, especially with this Agenda mix. The fact that you have to reveal the tutored Agenda tells the Runner to watch what Remotes that you are building from that point forward. With the reduction in traps, this makes it hard to score a 5 point Agenda. The best case that I can see is that you use Fast Track as part of a lure for Project Junebug, and there are better ways to lure the Runner.

Instead of Fast Track, have you considered combining Power Shutdown with Jackson Howard recursion?

29 Apr 2014 bubo

I meant to add that Power Shutdown also works with Interns.