"This Ain't on the Gram, Wizard of O-Z"

grimgravyboat 249


I've been loving Jesminder post-rotation. Test Run being saved was perhaps my favorite facet of the changes and has let me try to fine-tune this deck to best of my ability, which has been really fun. In a meta where Argus has its teeth again and tagging shenanigans are common, her ability seems to fire more nowadays than ever.

Card choices should be fairly obvious. Mainly tutoring for the right program at the right time, and that mostly always ends up being "go get Femme." Might consider dropping down to 2x now that I know Diana's Hunt doesn't work precisely as I've played it, but having three in the deck really makes me feel like I can find an answer at almost anytime. Also, y'all sleep on Code Siphon but it's a decent tutor with her ID ability, and if the Corp is broke enough, running a two iced R&D to go fetch Magnum always feels nice.

Gameplan is to pound R&D with Equivocation out so that you can hard dig with Maker's while still being able to prod elsewhere (and hopefully keep tabs on R&D through Find the Truth). Maya really works nicely with Equivocation so that if you are making multiple runs on R&D a turn (hello Mobius) you can really maximize the number of different cards you can access on a turn.

Breaker suite has left me pretty satisfied in testing. Cerberus being freed from MWL makes it even more of an obvious include, but I like the 1x of Inti just to have a permanent answer to Vanilla. Gordian and Na'Not'K are solid breakers on their own, but pair nicely with Femme recursion. D4v1d has begun to earn its include, as I knew it eventually would. Being able to grab it in a pinch and then surprise the Corp when I Scavenge it back out usually results in points, so I think that influence remains well spent.

Would love to hear feedback on the deck. Been stuck at 46 cards for a while now, so maybe someone can offer a suggestion on what to cut. But it hasn't been a huge problem with the amount of tutoring possible in it. Thanks for checking it out!

19 Oct 2017 deleriad

I've just been starting to play with Jesminder and having fun. Basically I was looking for an ID I hadn't played before (or even seen played) so tried her out. Looks like I have about 2/3rds of the same choices as you though I have gone heavier on programs with Clone Chip as my restricted card. I suspect that your list is better focused but haven't played enough with my choices yet. I think Maya is a better econ suppression card than people realise plus it has a few nice tricks up its sleeve.

Also checking into a Security Nexus build with Magnum Opus.

19 Oct 2017 deleriad

On the suggestion front. Perhaps lose Diana's Hunt, 1 or 2 Femme Fatale and maybe Sacrificial Construct. Add in Atman and Hunting Grounds with the Influence you freed. I'm not convinced by Professional Contacts and Mopus in the same build. I think I would go for a second Beth or maybe Symmetrical Visage or even Patron with its bonus synergy with The Turning Wheel.

19 Oct 2017 grimgravyboat

@deleriad She is sorely underplayed so I'm glad to hear that you are giving her a spin! What other programs are you packing? With Clone Chip, I would think you might find room for Tapwrms and more Sac Cons, and even Clot. Otherwise, I would suggest sticking with Opus since it's all the econ you could need in one card haha. And Maya does everything you want out of a console, helping a lot with the 2 MU in this rig, and as you say, can really affect the Corp's econ options.

Haven't tried Nexus in here, since Maya was an early decision. Could be interesting if importing the necessary Link is handled nicely.

19 Oct 2017 deleriad

@grimgravyboatyou pretty much guessed it right. And some multithreaders (which takes me down the Study Guide route. That is a lot of overhead compared to Mopus though.

19 Oct 2017 grimgravyboat

@deleriadWill consider cutting Diana's Hunt and maybe 1 Femme, but I'll probably keep the Sac Con to help with Hunter Seeker matchups. Professional Contacts only earns its keep by showing up early and helping with draw, which Symmetrical Visage could sub in and do, but is affected the same way by an early necessity. Never hopped on the Patron train but you make a good point with Turning Wheel. Maybe I'll go up to 47 cards? Hahaha

And yes, STUDY GUIDE! With Multithreaders, you are right on there. That was go to in Nasir before he became unplayable.

19 Oct 2017 Sanjay


19 Oct 2017 grimgravyboat

@SanjayThanks! I hope you enjoy giving it a whirl!

19 Oct 2017 muldr

I have been playing against this deck for awhile now and it is no joke. Jesminder kills my precious IP Blocks and Femme handles the rest. I was skeptical of the Mopus and ProCo in the same deck, but only one of each, it works pretty well. I tried to play this a few times and lost the ProCo to a Hard Hitting News, next draw was Mopus and I was back in the game. The Equivocation and Mobius work so so well together. Good stuff.

19 Oct 2017 Lothos

I've been despairing the state of Shaper post-rotation, but this looks like a lot of fun. Can't wait to try!

19 Oct 2017 RubbishyUsername

Good lord you've resurfaced that feeling inside of me. I need to dig out my super aggressive Aumakua Jezza deck.

19 Oct 2017 grimgravyboat

@muldr Thanks, playboy.

@Lothos Let me know how it goes!

@RubbishyUsernameNice. Aumakua is bonkers. Haven't tried to fit it in yet, but one Femme could just as easily be swapped for a turtle. Although it is interesting to run a no-AI rig in a very AI aware meta.

19 Oct 2017 RubbishyUsername

@grimgravyboatyeah, but "AI aware" means "run IP Block". Guess what ID you're playing?

20 Oct 2017 cinnadream

Interesting setup! Find the Truth caught me off guard, but I can see it having a lot of impact. Also, I'd argue towards keeping Diana's Hunt, it lets you pull off a lot of cool things and you can even use SacCon to keep something you install from it.

20 Oct 2017 znsolomon

So nice to see Jes getting the respect she deserves. I've been trying a more aggressive aumauka/patron variant that is the closest deck I've found to classic sucker andy pre-rotation. One matchup I've been having trouble with is the jinteki card tax glacier, how would you deal with it? But yeah, great deck :D

20 Oct 2017 grimgravyboat

@RubbishyUsername Solid point. Although, I'd much rather be in the position to let IP Block trace fire without having to bump it to ensure passage, as I would with an AI installed. But that's such an edge case, the positives of Turtle definitely outweigh that one benefit.

@cinnadreamFind the Truth started as a test to just fill the remaining influence, but it does some work if it's out early. Can win it for you in late game, too. And yeah, used Diana's Hunt to some good effect last night; I'm thinking I'll keep rocking one of em for the time being.

@znsolomonJinteki card tax glacier is mad difficult to deal with. Usually, I focus solely on R&D as much as possible, using Equivocation and Maya to help in what little way they can. It's a tough matchup. Used to pack a Feedback Filter to help, but that was with Temujin econ.

22 Oct 2017 rantOclock

This looks like such a fun build and one I really want to try my hand at. Off the top of my head since you're already running test runs and scavenges why no Cyber Cypher?

23 Oct 2017 grimgravyboat

@rantOclock Let me know how it goes in testing! Although Cyber Cypher is a great decoder, Gordian Blade is incredible in its own right. And since I almost primarily use Test Run/Scavenge for my many Femmes, having to save one or two for Cypher seems like it could frustrate. Haven't tried it so it might be worth testing one. I've found Gordian works just fine considering some lucky Femme(s) will be used to bypass a code gate (Hello, Tollbooth.)