Frantic Kim (2-1 Cambridge GNK)

Saintis 323

Got the general structure from @hoclor.

Won against a Tennin FA and a BABW HHN. Got surprised HHN > BOOM!'d by a NEXT design before I money up.

The idea is standard post-rotation Anarchs: get money and break things.

Lots of good cards. HQI + Maw + Bhagat + Kim is a great combo to ensure you get a mill, an operation trash and a Maw trash on the first HQ run each turn.

Equivocation for R&D pressure and lock.

Mining Accident MVP for slowing down Corp or giving you Bad Pub.

Only played Frantic Coding once since the other two games I had MOpus in my starting hand. Could be used for finding a missing Conspiracy Breaker though.

Overall a good and fun deck to play!