Policy & Message [17th @ Belgian Nats]

Cluster Fox 511

Posting for ABR purposes.

Round 1 vs Hayley Kaplan (Dalhill) - Loss (on stream)

First game of the day and plenty of misplays on my part. René played it correctly and walked away with a deserved win.

Round 2 vs Apex (Pumego) - Win

Very cool deck with a neat draw engine. Unfortunately Apex isn't a very rich runner and can't really deal with tags, so didn't have much of an issue.

Round 3 vs Hayley Kaplan (Gijs) - Loss

Got to 6 points fairly quickly but couldn't finish it out due to 3x Sacrifical Construct and Clot. When I SEA Sourced him to Exchange, he would sacrifice agendas with Artist Colony to prevent me from stealing them. Tedious game that lasted 55+ minutes and ended with him finding the last necessary points off Indexing and Mad Dash.

Round 4 vs Leela Patel (Ryanbantwins) - Win

Got really lucky with Fisk Investment Seminars. Instead of flooding me he was giving me all the board pieces I needed. He dipped low in credits and I Hard-Hitting Newsed him. He let the tags stick and I won off a Psychobeale.

Round 5 vs Steve Cambridge (Simon) - Win

Didn't really know what this deck was trying to do. All I saw were Build Scripts and Process Automations that he kept recurring with Steve's ability. He played Spear Phishing, which was cool. Snaked two agendas off an early Mobius run, but after that I was able to stabilize and won off of a SEA Source + Exchange.

Changes I would make are fit in two more SEA Sources and an All-Seeing I. SEA Source is so much better than HHN at the moment due to everyone playing Misdirection. All-Seeing I would have gotten me through Clotlocks. Other than that, I was quite happy with how the deck played.