Crim Crusher - SOCR2 Top 8

mbzrl 144

This is the decklist I used in top 8 of the Stimhack Online Cache Refresh tournament, overall record 4-2. Wins against... (not positive on the crim IDs) Gabe, Steve, Los x2, losses against Kit and Smoke.

I wanted to go with EtF for this tournament because of the extremely close games with @internet_potato's HB in the first SOCR tournament. Runners in general are fairly slow in CR, so I also wanted a deck that could win quickly. So I went with Fast Track Elective Upgrade rush! Let's turn no GFI into a positive by scoring a 5/3 that wins the game for us before the runner can contest it! 5/3s aren't a weakness if they're in your scoring area, after all :rollsafe:

It kinda worked. I scored Elective Upgrade in every game but my last, when I could have scored it from hand for 16 credits (I was at 17) - not sure that would have been the right play, since I was already under significant R&D pressure. But man, scoring it was always such a tempo hit that every single game I won was a scramble trying to get out the last few agendas before the runner could find them (except for my game vs @BizTheDad - pretty sure I drew all my agendas in order perfectly).

Oh, lastly, this decklist for top 8 is different than my swiss list. I decided that I wouldn't be able to rush out the EU against Shaper (@CrushU taught me that the hard way... though I did score the second copy, it was too little too late in that match), so I put in MCA with the idea of FAing it instead. Then I changed up the ice suite to work with CFC, I thought that might help with finishing the last couple scores without tempo loss, and I didn't really need so many ETR since I'm not leaving agendas on the table. Original ice was 3x Ice Wall, 3x Tollbooth, 3x Guard (which let me safely rush against Crim) instead of Eli, FC2, and Ichi. Oh, and Helheim Servers instead of Warroid - I really wanted to guarantee that rush. It was just okay, though.

So yeah, if you want to race Criminals, go ahead and use their big box! H&P EtF was a blast to play, but is absolutely not a meta-crushing hit. The 0-2 vs Shaper is telling; I also wasn't paired up against the fearsome tag-me Anarch combo, but that matchup probably depends on them not finding siphon before I get out EU (so likely also not good).

This list was streamed in the top 8 by @internet_potato here and, if you want to see what I mean by scramble, check out @PureFlight's great video of our swiss round 5 here.

26 Sep 2017 CrushU

Oh man, I remember that game. That was the double-Maxwell play, right? And also that Fast Track makes you shuffle Whampoa Reclamation'd Agendas back in...? :D Much learning was done!

30 Sep 2017 mbzrl

Yep! Double tollbooth remote is a lot worse when it costs 32 credits :'( haha