Biotech - IG Evolution

GarfieldMew 404

This deck started life as IG from Charity Gift III in Sheffield. Playing IG without any of the Prison or Asset spam ideas, hence just plain good old fashion jinteki shell game. It was boon at the event netting a lot fun and close encounters without winning much.

With IG identity being virtually ignored following further testing on a GNK event, I decided to change ID. It could have fitted into any of the others. Jinteki: Potential Unleashed was obvious first choice but didn't seem to have enough agendas to casue much affect. So it came down to Jinteki Biotech: Life Imagined and Pālanā Foods: Sustainable Growth as the latter gave me credits which this deck really doesn't need, hence opted for the prior as the initial just gave options and minds games galore - as proved in the following SC event - this deck went 3-1 taking 2 kills along the way.

Store Championship@thehobbithole

Round 1 Vs Hayley Kaplan 5-3 (win - runner flatlined) A blistering start going 5-0, but then Hayley had all the answers and game slowed to uber defensive. Runner just ate all my traps like hunger starved zombies, even decided to walk into a 5 advance Project junebug without batting an eyelid. Apologies Pete Jones for the amount of psi games we had to go through. It must have been way over 10.

Round 2 Vs MaxX 3-9 (lose) Used up my luck on the psi games earlier, but solid game from Ciara. That MaxX rebirth into Edward Kim really started killing my options/operations.

Round 3 Vs Sunny Lebeau 9-6 (win) this one was close with Chris Shepperson, it was touch and go. Sunny went a lot quicker than I thought. Agenda was being scored or stolen every turn.

Round 4 Vs Valencia Estevez 5-2 (win - runner flatlined) Phil played well using film critic to avoid Obokata Protocol damage and stole with ease but a new teams stalled his advances. Then after a few fruitless digs he decided to go for the project junebug. It was the last round and the result didn't matter we were both strugglying to make the cut.

7 Dec 2017 w____F

Why News Team since almost all the agendas are 3p?

8 Dec 2017 GarfieldMew

@w____F, Hi, that's a really good question as logically News Team doesn't fit the bill as you so say, -1 is not going to affect the no.of agenda needed. But it is all part of the mind game to make the runner decide. This deck is primarily designed as a rush deck and not a kill deck and I use news team to stop or slow down the runner digging which are crucial in tournament play, especially against the clock. (this doesn't work on Jnet). This deck gains a lot timed win or due to the timing limit the runner goes all out and hits traps for flatlines with the help of your ID. Imagine you play runner first and then left with 10 mins to play corp, (in fact the shorter the better). The idea is to go for a turn 2 3pt agenda to start applying pressure. Then even if the runner steals an agenda with density of 1 in 7 chance is, as well winning a psi/taking damage is a real tempo. If any time they hit a News Team that is real bonus. The flip side, if the runner chooses to take the tags, it threatens against all resources and the obvious potential of Boom. This then also automatically provides a bit of archives protection as doubt runner wants to keep taking tags and will end up taking as -1 agenda.