11th/16 Düsseldorf SC: BoN Snare!

hlinks 23

Played 2-3 with this deck and won against Valencia and Hayley. I've could have won a game against Eddy Kim. I removed all Black Orchestras and Paperclips, forgot to put an extra layer on the remote. He stole the winning agenda with DDOS and his last D4v1d counter. DDOS prevented the Ice Wall rez.


  • Rush agendas behind at least one advanced ice
  • Protect HQ and R&Q with Snare!
  • Disrupt the runner's setup with Best Defense and Ark Lockdown
  • Use Audacity to finish the agenda

This decks has basically no defense against Indexing, which lost me 2 games (Smoke, Haylay). The runner just ignores the remote and takes just one meat damage. Also it bypasses the Snare's.