Skorpios Waste Management: Un-Refuse-Able Power

triticuslev 1

Skorpios Waste Management: Un-Refuse-Able Power

This is V2.0 of this deck. This deck loves trash. I've most recently removed the Illegal Arms Factory which was ok income/click efficiency, but it caused me to draw too many cards into HQ. Replaced it with Corporate Town, which is much more appropriate. Also swapped Scarcity of Resources for Housekeeping because trashing things. I think Corporate Town and Scarcity would also work well as you're over charging them for playing resources and then trashing them.

Marcus Batty is very important to this deck, resolving an unstoppable Tithonium Trash 1 resource and end the run, is very nice.

Agenda wise, Hostile Takeover is mandatory, extra econ and agenda forfeit fodder for Archer and Tithonium and Corporate Town. I generally try to just pay for Tithonium.

Project Atlas is helpful but just fine, same with Oaktown Renovation. High-Risk Investment is just one of the 5/3 options I think. It's great for gaining a bunch of credits off the runner, or making them think twice about running up their bank account. The upcoming SSL Endorsement I think will be a stronger choice as you will get agendas stolen in this deck.

Hunter Seeker is mandatory, Audacity is there for a little FA help so you can squeak an agenda through. Only 2 IPOs as your agendas help with econ. And you're really only spending money on rezzing ice.

Ice wise: Tithonium and Archer are power houses. Conundrum and Macrophage I added to help with virus and AI support. Holmegaard was my last addition, as it is a fantastic inner piece of ice on your scoring remote, don't rez it all game, then pop it up when they've spent their savings and keep them from accessing anything at all, then also trash an icebreaker. Then also Marcus the trace sub again after they've paid to prevent it.

24 Jan 2018 triticuslev

I just dropped the Corporate Towns, redundant with all of the other trash effects and costly when I need agendas for Archer.

Added 2 Standoffs to see how they play out and another IPO.

25 Jan 2018 triticuslev

Also +2 Eliza's Toybox because drop it in your scoring server between agendas and to rez this ice... plus they're inclined to run it and spend their time and money while you find your next agenda. No down time.