The Class Tap - 1st @Turin SC (4-1)

Tzadek 4

HIghlights of the tournament:

  • Completely forgetting I had an ID ability during the first match and still managing to win (vs Ctm though :D)
  • Winning a psy game against an ID-exposed #Psychic Field
  • Being killed by a ronin sitting with 4 adv. from turn one

Possible changes:

-1 Deuces Wild + 1 Stimhack/DJ Fenris (for Reina or Quetzal)

+1 #pecial Order

Corp deck was this MTI list with the change:

-2 Marcus Batty +2 Letheia Nisei

Also went 4-1 losing vs a very nice Lat: Ethical Freelancer running Khusyuk

Biggest highlight of Corp matches (and possibly of the whole event) was coming back by a nose vs @Darta's Maxx after a poor start, saved more than one time by Nisei MkII and lucky Stargate runs.