Fishy CTM 1.1

johno 585

Updates on previous list: settled on 3x AR 1x QPM, cut a 3rd PAD for a Closed Accounts.

Same game plan as before. Shore up your centrals enough, but save tollbooths and IP blocks for a scoring remote. All the upgrades will typically go into the remote as well, until it becomes punishing for the runner to repeatedly check for another upgrade or a 3 adv agenda. All assets are probably un-iced, and you should be able to race against the Runner on economy.

If they drop below 8, HHN. SEA Source will help you get a tag on your turn for a range of tag punishment cards, especially EOI for GFI. Psychographics is your out if they go tag-me and invalidate some of your ice.

Changes I'm considering: I've seen other upgrades in CTM (PriSec etc) but I'm not particularly convinced by them. Maybe Calibration Testing or Economic Warfare go in to a new version, but I'm yet to try either.

Could even cut the last QPM for some other 3/1. TGTBT, Improved Tracers, TFIN and False Lead all might be worth a try.

Edited to update:
Came 3rd in Milton Keynes SC (16 players). Undefeated (3-0) in Swiss, then lost in the cut to Maw/Bhagat/Opus Omar which could trash everything and kill operations, then run the bin for the game, and German Geist, who got set up mega fast and had 4 link.

Came 2nd in Bristol SC (19 players). 2-1 in Swiss, losing to reg Val following a somewhat flooded start. 1-1 in the cut, both games against Pirate Hayley. The first was under huge pressure from DDM but cheesed out a bluff win in an open remote. The second was way behind but taxed on a bluffed agenda install to land a HHN and set the runner back hugely before a very tense attempt to rush out the win was beaten by a hail mary DDM.

4 Feb 2018 emilyspine

What made you put predictive algorithm in, is it to clear strike more easily?

Congrats on the win again.

5 Feb 2018 johno

Predictive Algorithm is a kinda fine solution to Strike and also Hacktivist, which both make the deck very sad. It's free to play and in influence, and it stacks with Red Herrings also. It's been Scarcity in the past, and maybe should be again depending on meta.

If I suspect they're on either of the two currents, I'll keep them in hand. If not, I'll throw them out as an extra hurdle in the econ race.