The Sapphire Twins, Rewired (1st @ It's Gametime)

tmoiynmwg 6156

There were 18 folks in attendance and I went 4-3 with this deck. No this deck is not tier 1; the sky is not falling, praise Boggs.

Early this week @jakodrako sent me a cool infinite ice loop because he knew that I enjoy those... NEXT Sapphire + The Twins (with an extra Sapphire in hand) lets you draw all of R&D if the runner can't break the Sapphire. I really wanted to play this loop out of the Foundry, but unfortunately you need CI's hand size so that Helheim Servers can power up the Sapphire sufficiently. You also need a strong proactive plan to pressure the runner into hitting the loop, as well as a way to win after drawing your whole deck - so Brain Rewiring combo it is.

(Here are the main combos if you're not conversant with current 7-point CI silliness. 2x Biotic, Mirrormorph, Rewiring, CK/SoF, and 2-3x Kaguya/Audacity flatlines the runner if they don't have meat damage protection. 3x Biotic, Mirrormorph, EffCom, Vitruvius, Ikawah, 3x Kaguya, and Audacity scores 7 points in one turn.)

I was hoping to get some fun surprise Sapphire wins at the tournament, but then @grogboxer went ahead and posted a Mother Goddess version a few days ago. He wrote a great description, so check it out for ideas on how to tweak the deck. Now that the secret is out, there will be relatively few opportunities to set off the Sapphire loop - savor the opportunity when it arises.

Many props to @Wyrm for combo advice and @jakodrako for answering my corner case rules questions!

5 Mar 2018 grogboxer

Nice job Timmy! Sorry to spoil the surprise :( :(