Decapitated Hydra

Kikai 463

It's like The Many Headed Lock News Monster, but with one of the heads severed by a MWL update, and another withered into redundancy.

I find having a 6th barrier helps with the Blacklist line of play. Wall of Static is a solid 4/10 card which will probably be replaced with either a solid 5/10 card, or my pet favourite Aginfusion Barrier.

Kakugo is because I found Vanilla to be very rarely useful.

Anansi is good (and well designed, in my humble opinion).

SSL Endorsement gives you a 4th agenda that you can score early without wrecking your tempo (you usually want to rush an early agenda).

15 Apr 2018 PyWiz

I've been trying to make Hydra work after the MWL and I'm honestly wondering if Whampoa isn't more necessary than Obokata. Obokata is clearly better than the alternatives (probably TFP + SSL or going old school with 3 Sales Team 3 Nisei 3 TFP), but Whampoa really has no alternatives. If you could make like 3-4 slots for Preemptive, Special Report, etc. then maybe it could work but I don't really think there's room for that.

I know it's heresy but thought I'd throw it out there.

15 Apr 2018 Kikai

@PyWiz- if you swap the Obokata Protocol for 3 x The Future Perfect then I think that you will quickly run out of money when defending them - but a balanced mix of The Future Perfect and SSL Endorsement might be worth testing.

Alternatively, a 2nd recursion card might not be terrible (possibly cutting a Celebrity Gift) - but I would call that the limit. I worry that if you commit 3-4 slots on recursion/filtering, then you may spend more time filtering your HQ and less time winning.