[Successful Demo] 35 SSO Industries + City Works Project

Beyoken Successful Demo 43

[Successful Demo] 35 SSO Industries: Fueling Innovation + City Works Project


Disclaimer: I am providing this deck list to help aid following along with beyokens video. If you would like to ask questions about the deck I would suggest doing so in the comment section of the YouTube video.

18 Apr 2018 Benjen

Paywall Implementation is an inspired choice. I have been trying to figure out some kind of alternate econ since my other clicks want to be spent installing and advancing. Definitely switching it in for Mass Commercialization which seems to be a big dud.

18 Apr 2018 SillySod

Have you tried replacing Illegal Arms Factory with Rashida Jaheem and a Wake Up Call? Rashida goes a little faster which seems desirable.