Thick Maxx [SOCR2] [Cache Refresh]

internet_potato 961

With a 45-card deck and no LARLA, I kept decking out in testing. One of my opponents on jnet said "dude, just add a bunch more cards." Good idea! I kept adding cards until I stopped decking out. Then I added a bunch of extra draw, because I wasn't finding stuff fast enough. I don't know, it seemed to balance out somehow. 63 cards is the empirically-determined optimum size for a Cache Refresh MaxX deck.

I was first going into the cut and finished second overall. This deck was undefeated in swiss and lost 2 in the cut for a final record of 8-2.

The game plan is to aggressively dig for Magnum Opus while recklessly filling your bin with the conspiracy breakers. Hopefully you can get Maw out at some point. Then just run until you win. The nice thing about having a 63 card deck is you can put in a lot of good cards! In some games, ICE destruction with Parasite and En Passant was the key to winning, in others I won with Medium digs. It was fun to just play with whatever shows up and improvise around the theme of "jam the money button and get lucksack maw hits."

In terms of tech, Spooned was normally in against HB, and Citadel Sanctuary was in against NBN. Forked went in against NBN to deal with Data Raven. Showing Off went in for the final round because I knew my opponent was on Whampoa and I have never played it but it seems like a fun card. I ALMOST got to use it.

Mimic, Corroder, and Yog.0 are mainly in here so that it's harder to get 100% pooched by Ark Lockdown, also because I kept running out of cards and wanted to keep my breaker density reasonable.

A lot of my games are on stream, videos are here

22 Sep 2017 BizTheDad

I'll be seeing this deck in my nightmares for months to come. My only solace was that I beat it once and Snare'ed it multiple times.

23 Sep 2017 kevintame

This deck is truly a beast!