EuroToast Argus (top 32, top Weyland)

Wet Toastie 907

So this is the corp deck I brought to euros last weekend, it went 7-2-1 (1 timed draw), carrying my goodstuff Andy (5-5) to the top 32. Euros was a great tournament, it was really nice meeting everyone and getting to know new awesome people.

You basicly just put down everything on the table. If they run and find an agenda its taxing on cards/credits, if they find a trap its obviously good, and if they find a Zealous Judge or Dedicated Response Team its also good as long as they are not Whizz.

Just let them run, feed them some points if needed and go for the Toast every game.

A big shoutout to all the nice people at euros! Especially the Weylandplayers (yes I am looking at you mr Marsellus and mr Lane). Also a big thanks to my fellow dutch players and testing partners for sticking with me :D I know I can be annoying. Thanks to Mike for bringing all his corpcards, making me able to switch from SYNC to Argus the evening before euros.

Major props to Jakuza for TO'ing the CR side event, it was bonkers! (and to Kelf for building my decks for me)

Below this totally appropriate GIF I wrote a small tournamentreport for anyone interested.

alt text

Game 1

The day starts out good, im a bit nervous so I walk to my table, put down my Argus deck and go for a quick piss. When I come back everyone is about to start but my opponent decided to chicken out after seeing Argus. Sweep by intimidation.

Easy win; 2-0

Game 2 (vs awesome guy from Glasgow)

So now I have to play someone who actually won his first two games, he was on Quetzal and Palana. I failed with Andy so Argus had to win. I'm not sure what happened, but I got some unchecked remotes on the board, I scored out Profiteering and got the credits I needed. He ran into a prisec and an agenda(or a snare maybe) on click two, tried clearing two tags on click 3 and 4 but I had a Judge on the table. Made Toast on my turn.


Game 3 (vs Sam with VampMaxx)

This matchup is horrible, I tried rushing out some points while he was getting rich with Opus, eventually I tried scoring out Geothermal Fracking with Casting Call on top of a Prisec. With this I would have been able to recover quickly after a Vamp. Sam made the correct play and Vamped me, stealing Fracking afterwards. At the third Vamp I rezzed two Response Teams before access, but it wasn't enough. Afterwards his CI-combo crushed me.


Game 4 (vs very nice British guy with Hayley)

This one could go either way, we were both fighting to make it to day two, Andy won against his Moondeck. I scored out two early Profiteerings and a Hostile, giving me 7 bad pub. It seems like you can't really use that when your mainbreaker is Faust :D He gets out Film Critic and NACH at some point, making it very hard to kill him. I go to 5 points and he has to check everything I put down, making him eat a lot of netdamage. Eventaully I get to stick some tags on him with HHN and managed to get the kill.


Game 5 (vs John 'O with ?? I think it was Andy)

It was my first major tournament so I wanted to ID to day two badly, but John wanted to play it out to get better stats for day two. I had to corp first and showed him Argus, asking if he was really sure he didn't want to ID ;) We played and I think he ran into a prisec and a snare on a central at the same time, losing to a rezzed judge. He had a bad start with Sync and Andy won it with mediumdigs.


Day two!!! My goal is reached already :)

Game 6 (vs Rasmus with Blackmailspam Val)

Our first game took a long long time, I thought I had him stuck on 6 points, forgetting he also ran 15 minutes in his SYNC, he won with 0 cards in R&D. We only had 13 minutes for my corpgame so I had to play extra aggressive. He plays a blackmail early and starts digging with 2 mediums, he loses the 2nd blackmail to a snare and goes tagme with Obelus out. I score a Chronos Project, hoping he can't find the last Blackmail. I install advance Atlas, to score it, go to 6 and maybe even FA the last Hostile for the win. Time is called on his turn and he keeps digging R&D, finding 1 point in 9 cards, going to 6, I score the Atlas for the draw.


Game 7 (vs Gijs/Magnetar with Whizz)

So Gijs is my regular testing partner, we share a room in the hotel so he knows whats up. He goes tagme after I land a HHN, he finds all the agenda's while I have moneyproblems :( Also his Moondeck beats my andy, well played Gijs!


Game 8 (vs a nice Hungarian guy who played Titan/Supplier Andy)

He loads up his supplier early, I score out a hostile and ice/money up a bit. He runs archives to install Tapwrm, I HNN him while he has 4 things on supplier :) After some turns he recovers and get Aaron out. I have put down 3 agenda's in one turn some turns ago, and still have Atlas and a 3/1 naked on the board. I just go for the scores and win on points :P Andy wins against Titan.


Game 9(vs Tom Lane on Skorpios!! and some funky Kate)

At this point the three top Weyland players where sitting next to eachother, Tom and I played eachother while Marsellus was playing his Titan a table away. We were all contending for the honor of being best Weyland. Skorpios just totally wrecks my Andy, so I have to win with Argus to still have a chance for top 32 (I wanted that deckbox badly). He plays a crazy Kate deck and tells me not to worry :D we had fun and he was close to dying some times, eventually I just win by scoring out. Crazy games and good times! After our game we asked what Marsellus did: "I split! But Titan won!!!" Three weyland wins, we cheer and do some T, W and A gangsings with out hands.


Game 10(vs another really cool guy from Glasgow on Sync and Andy I think)

So we both needed a sweep for a chance in the top 32, I started out with Argus and scored a False Lead at some point. I went for my patented Psychic Field on Prisec play, he didn't fall for it. I iced it up and overinstalled the Psychic Field with another, he still didn't run it. Some turns later I overinstalled with a Snare and he ran it, taking two tags and some damage, I forfeit the False Lead and make Toast afterwards. Andy wins an incredibly close game with his SYNC. Those were some fun last games :) Very close ones aswell!


My score was enough for place 28, getting the Weylandgreen deckbox and the honor of top Weyland finisher. Thanks to everyone for playing and being so nice! Euros was a great event and I will definitely try to attend again next year!

Much love


6 Jun 2017 Jakuza


Should have been called Bike Repairshop though.

6 Jun 2017 Jakuza

Also, I'm missing a totally 100% appropriate GIF. This is unacceptable. I demand to see a GIF.

6 Jun 2017 Wet Toastie

It is fixxed, sorry to disappoint you Jakuza :D

6 Jun 2017 Wet Toastie

All Fixed! No wories Jakuza :) thanks for convincing me to play Argus!

7 Jun 2017 Cliquil

I love decks that are essentially big giant traps. Congrats!

7 Jun 2017 laneford

Weyland Bros! You definitely deserved top Weyland and that deckbox, excellent plays and a cool deck, thanks for the games!

8 Jun 2017 Gregolution

Huge props for taking this deck, its so similar to the deck I was building and wanted to take to Euros but I chickened out the night before and took PE. Well played sir!

21 Jun 2017 Jakuza

I dreamt about this deck last night. It was wonderful.