[Startup] Boat Lat (Top Cut/13th GLC CO)

Therebrae 7

Rezeki and Boat are good cards, who knew? This is pretty much a port of Sokka's ControLat into Startup, with a few mild changes to make it Startup legal. The loss of PAD Tap and Tapwrm are felt, but the lower power level of corps in Startup makes it pretty negligible.

The influence additions are for Scrubber which is mildly relevant in Pravdivost and NEH matchups, and isn't installed in many others. Bravado is just a good card. The SMC has been a newer adjustment to the Standard version and makes its way in here as well to find Stargate or take big early turns with Overclock and Simulchip.

Money up, lock the remote, Stargate the corp into oblivion. Deck is real good.