THE FUN ENDS HERE (SHL Jinteki Edition 1st)

d1en 3425

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Shout outs to LSK for this list. Tinkered the list to my liking and for speed/matchups, this is a deck I've been playing consistently in GNK's and Stimhack League to great success. Changes are as follows:

  • Removed

    2x Imp 1x Daily Casts 2x Queen's Gambit 1x Knifed

  • Added

    2x Inject 2x Hacktivist Meeting 2x Turntable

Removed Imp due to predominance of CVS in the meta and clunky turn structures with Imp. Tag riding happens often so having Daily Casts sit with tags doesn't work. Queen's Gambit is literally a gambit I don't want to make a mistake on, and Knifed, although great, doesn't do much if I'm going to be blowing up all the ICE.

Added Inject to move faster into Siphon pieces to combat the needed turn 2-4 aggression VS HB:EtF, alongside with Hackvtivist in a rez heavy meta. Turntable because I love EDM and taking Astro counters from my opponents.

Here are some links to success in tournaments I used this deck:

401 Games
Black Knight Games 1
Heroes World
Black Knight Games 2
Stimhack Finals 1
Stimhack Finals 2

Going into the Post MWL meta, I'd probably just cut the Femme, and add a Inject to make this beast go faster. I barely use Femme as it is, and the deck has legs already to be such a threat overall. Hope you all enjoyed the finals!!

17 Jan 2016 Veste

I really like your changes, I have also been playing this list a lot in preparation for Store Champs, it is super strong and often feels unfair.

I had been wondering what to do with Imps because I consistently felt okay with them being dumped in the heap, and when I did see them I almost never wanted them. Hacktivist Meeting is a great answer.

Queen's Gambit has definitely been either an amazing econ card or nearly dead for me; and I can see why you'd dump it with the anti-synergy with Hacktivist Meeting.

I made my list MWL legal by dumping Yog.0 and grabbing a second D4v1d. What are your thoughts for the 1 influence swap? I justified Femme Fatale as being more versatile but I could see arguments for both.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that decided this deck deserved a second Turntable. Thanks for posting your list!

17 Jan 2016 ANRguybrush

I recently gone up to 3 queen's gambit and I love the imps.

Unfortunatly, my deck went 2/5 in yesterdays store championship. I saw a lot of Crisium grids and Turings. I might think about making similar changes to your deck.

17 Jan 2016 frost-duty

I kind of feel like @mcpba is hitting the biggest problem that this deck just can't solve. Crisium. Crisium is everywhere in the UK, and a decent HB HQ with crisium puts a stop to wanton, apoc, siphon... it's just horrible. Ditto if crisium also finds its way into RnD, then keyhole is stuffed.

I do like the changes overall, although I think a really useful change is to replace 1 eater with a faust. This allows you to actually get into servers with crisium on them as an emergence measure as well as providing sudden and unexpected remote pressure (again if all else fails)

17 Jan 2016 Veste

I can say that even against decks that run 1 or 2 Crisium, this deck does work. This deck puts pressure on the Corp in a way that most runner decks can't, it is so aggressive. You need to find Crisium, you need to have money to rez Crisium.

MaxX is so accelerated and can attack everywhere with such threat that it is hard for the corp to protect everything, especially early.

That said, Faust is not a bad suggestion; but I have also been able to get into most central servers with normal accesses with the breakers this deck runs to blow up Crisium.

18 Jan 2016 ANRguybrush

My deck actually runs a Faust, but I mainly use it to close the game when an ICE on archives would stop you from getting access. It's not like you can not trash Crisiums, but it will be a huge tempo hit.

18 Jan 2016 d1en

@mcpba Crisium does pose quite a bit of problem for the deck, which is why I threw in the Hacktivist. Sometimes you'll get into a point of the game where you're truly locked out or siphoning just doesn't pay off correctly. The deck does have many vectors of attack, which what makes it so threatening. Overall though, you will have to be creative and plan ahead to ensure you don't get into a bad situation. Remember, it's all about the early aggression, and if you can't do it right away, plan your turns to set up the attack next turn in a way where you can land multiple siphons or turn online multiple vectors of aggression, where they feel forked and have to defend one or the other.

18 Jan 2016 SlySquid


19 Jan 2016 LSK

@SlySquid We all know Apocalypse MaxX couldn't exist without your original "Mother F******" list :)

19 Jan 2016 SlySquid

Thanks for that and it may very well be true @LSK but I can say without the people who help me test my janky ideas as well as help me have a strong competitive meta it wouldent be the deck it is today...

And that said @d1en has always been both those players, since day one of meeting him he has helped grow my love for the game as well as challenged me, forcing me to think outside of the box.

I'm just stoked that he can bring high caliber play to a deck I love and that I feel needs a little more attention

19 Jan 2016 AkAnderson

What would you change to make it MWL compliant? I would think to maybe drop the Femme, but the play with Retrieval Run is too good.

19 Jan 2016 wedgeex

I would remove the Yog.0 and just put in a lone Faust to make this MWL legal. Faust does close to the same work in this build and gives heaps of versatility.

19 Jan 2016 ericbtool

maybe spooneds instead? your Faust targets will primarily become enigma, viper, and yagura. Maybe a bit too taxing in a list sans parasite?

20 Jan 2016 Neffy343

Don't forget about Turing on a central, I removed Yog.0 for a Force of nature just for Turing. To make in MWL legal. Seemed to work just fine.

22 Jan 2016 wompa164

Yay Turntable!

23 Jan 2016 thearete

I much prefer Knight to David. Finds it works better for me. I've played my list unchanged (link below) since sometime in December (though some version since August) since I think I've found a good balance. The deck ended up # 5 for the Jinteki stats for December with a winrate of 79% (

For MWL, I'm taking out Apocalypse, since find Yog way more important to the deck than Apocalypse. Apocalypse has to be seen as a defensive card for this deck. @Veste I think Queens gambit is synergy with Hacktivist. They don't want to rez assets with Hacktivist in place, meaning you have a chance to queens gambit a Pad Campaign that's been out for a few turns since they don't want to rez it.

For faust, I used to play it as a one of but felt it was sort of anti-synergy with the deck. I rarely feel the need for it. Regardless the build, Eater Siphon MaxX is strong! Good job on winning the SHL!

23 Jan 2016 konradh

How is putting Account Siphons into anarch "janky" after all that "Anatomy of Anarchy" jazz.

23 Jan 2016 Veste

@thearete I only mentioned anti-synergy because I've noticed people just not playing assets or upgrades with hacktivist out, but it could be entirely situation based, if their hand is clogged and they don't want to dump them, then play them out. I can see a case for both.

23 Jan 2016 mo0man

This deck retired several of my corp decks. For some of them, I made, looked at, shook my head sadly, and then put away

24 Jan 2016 hutch9514

Unsure why everyone is posting decks that are going to be illegal in like a week

24 Jan 2016 tradet

@hutch9514 because this deck won a large tournament when it was still legal. And it's not like a big chance is needed to make this legal...

24 Jan 2016 Slovadon

I've been playing MaxX for awhile but haven't really made good use of amped up when I've had it in my deck. I know MaxX is all about going with the flow rather than manufacturing specific scenarios, but are there particular opportunities you're looking for? Like maybe: econ, run 3x, apocalypse?

24 Jan 2016 kwind

Amped up + wanton destruction, or DDOS-keyhole are probably the top scenarios.

24 Jan 2016 Slovadon

@kwind oooo yeah, that makes for a massive wanton. Thanks!

24 Jan 2016 hutch9514

@tradet he could just post the updated version that is legal. It's not like i haven't seen this deck played before. Who cares if it won if its not legal anymore.

24 Jan 2016 d1en

@hutch9514 while I admire your desire for lists that are MWL Legal and upholding to your "standards" of posting, please understand not all of us share your viewpoint. This list was something I modified from the original and had a good amount of requests from people to see it. NetrunnerDB remains not only as a place to see decklists, but also a history of our game. It represents what was, is, and will be the shaping of the future of our game. To post lists that have done respectfully well pre-MWL is just as important so we can come to understand how the future shapes for these archetypes. I've also listed out the changes I felt would need to be done going into the new meta, so in no way did I not leave that available for players to see.

25 Jan 2016 kwind

It was picked for decklist of the week, and based on the comments, there was clearly broad interest.

25 Jan 2016 DarlingSensei

I'm curious as to why x2 hacktivist and turntable. Is it just a concession to MaXX's ability and not wanting to burn recursion to get a copy? Could either be a one-of since they are largely meta-specific?

26 Jan 2016 Veste

@DarlingSensei Hacktivist is meta specific but also an Imp replacement. I run it as a x3 now in my MaxX deck because of the number of lateral play Corp decks and the number of Currents I see played. I think you could argue one Turntable but as you said, using recursion on it in those matchups you really need it kind of sucks, and it is this deck's best answer to AstroScript Pilot Program, Global Food Initiative, as well as Nisei MK II and Project Atlas, all of which are common right now (maybe Atlas not quite as much). Specifically against Astroscript you want that Turntable as soon as possible so a second copy makes sense in increasing your odds of seeing it quickly, even if you do have to blow recursion on it. Just my two cents though.

26 Jan 2016 Veste

I also forgot to include the 24/7 News Cycle and Breaking News combo in that list.

26 Jan 2016 Dydra

So now we have pictures of Cats on NetrunnerDB ... interesting ...

26 Jan 2016 Benjen

I took out a Femme and put in a faust to make it MWL. But dang, this deck is SO FUN. I have had some insane last click wins with it. This is my store champs deck this year. Thanks for making it!

27 Jan 2016 hutch9514

``@d1en` i see your viewpoint. I understand that Netrunnerdb needs to have decks like this and others from the past to make sure we have access to them in the future. I guess i am pretty frustrated that no one else is posting MWL decks though since i would like to see what decks i will be seeing in the recent future. I've posted my own and i am just waiting for others to do the same.

27 Jan 2016 Windave

Did you even needed that plascrete?

28 Jan 2016 Korrigan

I'm a little worried about something like "Sure Gamble, Lotus Field (or any other str 4 sentry/cg with meaningful subroutines) on HQ, Crisium Grid on HQ" as corp turn 1. If I swap the Femme for an Inject there is literally no way I'm getting into HQ ever again?

28 Jan 2016 Korrigan

I guess it's a highly unlikely scenario (and would also require that I dont have econ+DDoS on turn 1), but still...

23 Feb 2016 Veste

Are we still in agreement that Femme Fatale is the card to cut and not Yog.0? I took a deck similar to this to a SC recently and didn't use Femme once, where as Yog made some keyhole/siphon runs very cheap.

21 Mar 2016 tzeentchling

Thoughts on Run Amok? I could see this fitting into the deck if you need to get into an otherwise protected archives or remote. Not sure what could be taken out for it though, maybe a single Hacktivist and/or Wanton?

19 Apr 2016 dagonlb

I tried the deck ( and I really like it) cutting off Femme, but I have iusses against HB for it's high number of ICE (especially Assassin, having only Mimic for Sentry). As you can handle this matchup?