Break It All

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The Red Queen takes a sick day
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MisterMonocle 219

So having 1 makes Underworld Contact a lot easier to make work, which is where Dyson Mem Chip comes in. That, and extra for all our viruses is always welcome.

A few ways to make money, a few ways to break the corp's stuff, your fixed strength breakers will either wow you with their efficiency, or make you cry tears saltier than the world's oceans because you didn't draw your Datasuckers.

Seriously though, with Imp and Demolition run and two scrubbers, you can make life extremely difficult. Hemorrhage seems like an amazing card, and my only regret is that I only have one of them. Oh well.

2 ice tax, anyone? Thanks, Xanadu.

Ice Carver is a card that I thought was kinda crummy at first, but 1) It works with your fixed ice breakers, which is nice, and 2) It makes your runs with Force of Nature cheaper. What I thought at first was a crummy card to mess with your opponent is actually a really strong economy card that under lots of situations can make your runs 1-2 cheaper for each ice you encounter. Maybe now I'm over-valuing it, but man oh man, always be running, right?

Also important to remember is that Spinal Modem only gives you brain damage if you've been tagged during a run. So if you can break those nasty subroutines before they fire, you're in a good spot. And if you can't... Well... Hope you've emptied a Liberated Account the turn before. (Even then, one brain damage isn't the end of the game.)

EDIT: I'd personally add 1 Femme Fatale, and replace either a Mimic (So that we're running 3 killers) or Morning Star (So we're playing less high-cost ice.). I haven't had a chance to test this yet, so your guess is as good as mine. Probably better, actually.

Made with one Revised Core Set

2 May 2018 Sanjay

I like this!

A thought... with the spare influence and also the retrieval runs, do you think you could spare a card slot for Femme Fatale? That's a neat trick that helps deal with some pretty annoying Core Set ice like Data Raven and Tollbooth very handily.

2 May 2018 MisterMonocle

Oh heck! I didn't even realise I had an influence left! Goes to show how much attention I'm paying...

Great idea!

2 May 2018 Sanjay

Of course, you don't HAVE to use all your influence.

But there are usually good things to do with it!