I Keep Trying To Fisk CI

demoy 375

I will tell you a secret most Corps don't know, Rashida Jaheem is Fisk's bae. He encourages her when she gets home, so she can get the job done and then some.

Most Fisk decks I have seen pigeonhole themselves into trying to deplete R&D or running centrals solely. My Fisk deck enable you to adapt to your opponents plays, and run often.


This deck has 1 free influence but chooses to use Yusuf over Paperclip. Yusuf is too good here. My deck has spare MU, easy accesses and Fisk's ID means nearly every purge means they discard a card. Maw is great pressure card, knocking out combo cards and with Fisk's ability HQ will never be empty when you run it.

Never try to avoid/remove tags:

Not caring about Scarcity of Resource nor Hard Hitting News feels great! Against CtM, mulligan for Maw and trash Daily Business Show before anything else. For any other tag/punitive deck, mulligan for Brain Cage and keep your grip full.

My deck is great for teaching fundamental to beginners, and also for anyone looking to hone their skill, while having fun. I have yet to win against CI (real close though). Industrial Genomics, is my favorite match-up, I hope to make a Industrial Genomics deck for sparing with this one :}.

3 Jun 2018 Saan

If you actually want to win vs CI, throw in a couple Information Sifting. It forces them into fairly tight spots. Honestly, this is a good card in Fisk anyhow to follow up an Investment Seminar.

23 Jul 2018 demoy

@Saan, I stop playing this list once Mti Mwekundu and High Profile Target came out: Those matches don't feel fun and casual which is what this deck was striving for. CI has disappeared from competitive play. In its prime I had fun with list :). Best regards.