That scene in Fight Club where everything explodes - 62nd EU

nicohasa 80


I was kind of surprised that I was the only Gagarin all Euros, but that meant that I got to be the Best Gagarin EU no matter what happened.
The deck went 6-2, so I am very happy with the result.

I've tried out Standoff-Team Sponsorship Gagarin for a little while, and been pretty happy with the result, so decided I liked the deck enough to bring it to Euros. I also wanted to try out Malia Z0L0K4 as it is a cool card, and IT DID SOME WORK LET ME TELL YOU.

Blanking a Daily Casts or a Liberated Accounts or an Earthrise is a great way to slow down the runner. With Gagarin credit it's an additional +4 creds and +1 click to "install" these cards.

Other than that I installed Urban Renewals behind Tour Guides to slow people down, and tried to score agendas behind the same Guides after runners paid 10-13 credits to trash the Urban that was there last turn.

I was VERY agenda flooded most of the day. Every card I have is installable, so most of the time my hand ended up being like 50% agendas very quickly. I think I could have easily lost all the games I won if people just checked my hand a bit more often than they did.


Round 1 (Win):
Against Chris Thomas, who had played Netrunner for 3 months. Really nice guy, this was his first big tournament. He played a Fan Site Shadow Net Wu deck, that never had time to set up before I had a critical amount of assets and scored out. I felt extra mean when I bounced his Fan Sites with Amani Senai whenever I scored agendas.

Round 2 (Win):
Against Dave Hoyland on Apoc Val. Got rid of the bad pub early with an Elizabeth Mills, blanked an early earthrise with Malia Z0L0K4, slowing him down. He drew a lot, but did not draw apocalypse until the turn before I scored out. Game would have been way worse for me if he got that a bit earlier.

Round 3 (Loss):
Against good stuff Val, again got rid of bad pub early, but got really flooded. Tried to score out, which meant that my Hive on HQ did less and less. Got Mad dashed for my whole hand for all the points.

Round 4 (Win):
Very short game. Turns out an early Urban Renewal kills a 3 hand size Adam. My oponent elected to keep the 3 hand size over ABR as he feared Hard-Hitting News. Probably the correct choice, but he was unlucky and never drew any cards giving him added handsize.

Round 5 (Win):
Guy Patching on Apocalypse MaxX with Run Amok. He had to use a Run Amok to contest a Urban Renewal, and did not draw Apocalypse when he had a window to use it. Ran through a Architect on R&D showing me 4 agendas on the turn he tried to apocalypse. Slowly scored out, while sweating bullets as there were 4 agenda pts in Archives. Guy assumed I would have Team Sponsored any agendas there, and I hoped he would assume that. Ended up working in my favor!

Round 6 (Win):
Good stuff Val. Managed to slow him down by Malia-ing a just-installed Liberated turn 1. Got really flooded, but my opponent luckily did not check my hand, and I managed to score out.

Round 7 (Loss):
Against Security Testing Smoke. I tried protecting an Urban Renewal to go for a UR + Contract Killer win, and therefore did not ice R&D. Turned out to be the wrong choice, got Indexed twice over a couple turns for 7 pts.

Round 8 (Win):
Against Ian Witt on Valencia. Maliaed some Earthrises to slow him down, scored behind Hortum + Architect server that I hoped he wouldn't check. Ended game by scoring sneaky Atlas that had been lying naked on the table for 4+ turns.

Overall this deck has WAY less ice than it probably should, and should also probably have Daily Business Show to deal with the agenda flood. But it was fun to play!

4 Jun 2018 Saan

I was VERY agenda flooded most of the day.

This is why I love a couple of DBS in this kinda Gagarin. You can't really score much early game unless you're going nekkid, and it helps manage things until you build up enough to burst to a finish fairly quickly.

4 Jun 2018 3N1GM4

Hey, Ian here, your round 8 opponent! Damn that sneaky Atlas! Really enjoyed our games, well done on the top 64 finish.