The Bigger Boy (Top 16 Euros)

ryanbantwins 1961

Credits go to TheBigBoy for building the deck, and Beyoken for showcasing this on his youtube channel.

I made some changes to the ICE so it would fit my personal play style more. More big/taxing ICE instead of gearchecks gives you a better late game, but it can weaken your early game a bit.

The deck went 4-2 in Swiss, with both losses being really close. In the cut I got basically screwed by a mulligan into 2 Tollbooth, 1 Eula and 2 agendas. That's what you get with all that big ICE I guess.

13 Jun 2018 clercqie

Massive congrats on the terrific performance and defending the honor of the Belgian Netrunners! :D

Is the Fairchild worth it?

13 Jun 2018 Cluster Fox

^ this!