Weyland's Implacable Advance [Startup]

Zylarth 1

My first try at corp deckbuilding! General idea is to get value off advancing assets (or agendas), and snowball a little into building up a big Urtica Cipher or Clearinghouse. Some tag presence in here too to enable Orbital Superiority, although having played a bit with it, it's probably a bit too inconsistent to pull off.

Since this is my first spin with corp, I'm still trying to nail down a decent ICE ratio - I definitely think I've got too many barriers in here, but I figured that I was spinning up too many remotes for Palisade to not make the cut. I wanted to try and fit more ICE like Karunā to whittle down the runner's cards before they reached the ambush in the root, but wasn't sure where to spare the influence. Maybe I'll try to build a dedicated Jinteki deck for this later.

Worth noting that this, like my runner deck, is currently made of cards solely from System Gateway, so there's likely some good options I'm missing out on.