Cantrip Comet Bios

internet_potato 951

Original deck notes:

I've been playing various versions of this for ~5 months off and on, and I figured I should publish it and move on to other (probably better) ideas.

Build Script, Process Automation, and Deuces Wild are all in the same ballpark, valuation-wise, as Diesel or Easy Mark-- low upfront cost, equivalent to 3 basic actions. The astute reader will say "yeah but you're only netting 2 basic actions when you do that, and you had to draw that card-- so you're really only netting 1 action, and that is hot garbo." Thanks, reader!

By using Comet and a critical mass of these 3-action cards (all of which involve drawing), we hope to spend one click to play 2 cards. The 6 basic actions included should:

  1. Replace the drawn cards
  2. Do something else for you (credits or additional draws)

6 actions, -1 click, -2 draws = net of 3 actions in the first click. That's better-- Magnum Opus, for example, nets you 1 basic action in a single click for a maximum net of 4 in a normal 4-click turn.

The numbers say that this isn't busted, but it's not bad. The other events are situational, but above this 3-action threshold. Modded can be thought of as 3-credits + an install, Sure Gamble is 4 credits, Dirty Laundry is 3 + a run, etc. So it's pretty common to net 4 actions on the first click.

Anyway, that's the theory. In practice, this deck lives or dies on an early Comet, so put it on NVRAM if you see it and mulligan if you don't get it in your first hand.

The breakers are pretty efficient (Brahman works nicely with Cerberus "Lady" H1, especially when you have a ton of draw effects and 3x Modded). Utopia Shard acts as HQ pressure, and Indexing + Mad Dash is dynamite.

The deck plays fun and fast, and it can definitely surprise people with plays that appear to pull money out of nowhere. It's much harder to predict how many credits the runner will have when they are all hiding in hand :)

I've also played with 3 Day Job, 1 Legwork, and the 3rd Process Automation instead of 6x Exclusive Party. That works as well and has more money, but it also stalls out more often (having to spend clicks drawing instead of chaining comet triggers).

Finally, big ups to @yojimbosteel on the stimhack forums for his similar CT build. His choices (Brain Cage, Brahman, and Modded, especially) really brought this deck up a notch.

16 Nov 2017 FreqKing

Awesome. I like the build. I've been tinkering with a build like this for some time. Occasionally with Apocalypse for added spice. But mostly because Exclusive Party is a card that someone in my local meta thinks is 'hot garbo' and I enjoy proving him wrong.

17 Nov 2017 moistloaf

Why not the best cantrip, Stimhack?

17 Nov 2017 internet_potato

@moistloaf worth trying out, for sure! I'd probably drop a Process Automation for it, as I don't want to lose any more HQ pressure (Utopia Shard), and the cards that draw 2 are important for keeping up with comet triggers. Too many events that don't draw and you start having to click for it more regularly, which bogs things down.

18 Nov 2017 yojimbosteel

This looks great. I've actually decided to put a Legwork in after some practice and have been enjoying it. I tried this without Exclusive Party (but in Chaos Theory) and it just didn't work the same.

@moistloafI tried Stimhack but it was bad against Boom decks as it invalidates Brain Cage.

19 Nov 2017 Daveishere

I freaking love this deck. All these extra clicks I'm saving really adds up and speeds up the runner so fast. Every card here has a reason. The only card I'm not a fan of is Utopia Shard but honestly I can't think of any other good HQ pressure other then Turning Wheel. I can see the merits of being able to "ignore" tags though with how little resource cards we have (mind beth). Anyways just wanted to say this deck is super fun and I've had a blast using it!

19 Nov 2017 Pink

I love this community. Every time I work on a list, someone else magically has a better version of that list for me to study and compare to. Same Old Thing to help ensure you get LARLA?

19 Nov 2017 internet_potato

@Daveishere so glad to hear that you're enjoying it! TTW could be a good idea. I personally have a soft spot for Utopia Shard because it can act as a combo-breaker (e.g. pop it after SEA source and before Exchange of Information, pop it when they use a Project Atlas token, etc) as well as HQ pressure.

@Pink SoT can be insurance for LARLA, but I've also used it to recur Indexing. Note that if you use SoT, Comet will trigger on the recurred event-- so I've made plays like SoT Exclusive Party #6 -> comet trigger to play levy from hand. You can think of SoT + comet reducing the click cost of using SoT.

6 Dec 2017 Ulkrond

The Build works a bit smoother in Chaos Theory due to decksize. But yeah I've gotta thank you for that wonderful Comet concept.

7 Dec 2017 internet_potato

I chose Bios because getting Comet in your NVRAM, first hand, or mulligan is the number one priority. A while back I did some simulations that showed Bios has ~70% chance of this as opposed to CT having a ~56% chance.

If there was a decent HW tutor (Tyson Observatory doesn't count) then I would probably switch to CT.

7 Dec 2017 Sutlomatsch

Why not a Maker's Eye? These days Indexing is often countered by Miraju...