Martian Reclamation (Undefeated, 1st at Rochester Regional)

aunthemod 641


This is basically Neuropantser's deck (link at the bottom), however I will say that Reclaim does a HUGE amount of work in this shell and is certainly worth the two influence. Reclaim Zero for ultra consistent degeneracy, Reclaim Turntable after Indexing confirms you'll be stealing something, Reclaim DDoS or just threaten to, it will drive your opponent insane! Reclaim a breaker before levy, WHAT A RUSH.

Don't even think about putting mining accident back in this deck. This deck runs as often as shapers and often there is a DDoS in effect. The only exception is CtM, which I saw a few games against. Check Everything, but only trash Calibration Testing and Bankers EZ$$$

Don't forget that CV can make Hacktivist operate like Interdiction.

Don't drop the 2nd Mad Dash its critical for the Skorp matchup.

-Steel City Grid-

15 Jul 2018 Cpt_nice

Was expecting a Mars for Martians tag-me build, got another Zero CV build. Kinda disappointed. Still, congrats on the win.

15 Jul 2018 aunthemod

Always happy to disappoint :)

16 Jul 2018 neuropantser

Nice list! I agree with cutting the accidents—I’m off them too, they don’t do enough. I’ll be honest, I never even thought about reclaim, but I like it a lot—that’s a super cool addition. How relevant was rebirth on the day?

16 Jul 2018 aunthemod

Rebirth is mostly relevant against Skorp which I beat round 1 (playing against Schrader, who got Top Weyland at worlds last year playing Skorp)

19 Jul 2018 aunthemod

Between the tournament and Jnet this deck is currently 17-1