Making Heinlein Work v0.1

wEdge_Lord 7

Been seeing some pretty good results with this deck but it could certainly use some adjustment.

Aside from the usual Bryan Stinson + Ultraviolet Clearance shenanigans, this deck is all about comboing Heinlein Grid + Mason Bellamy + Ikawah Project into a scoring remote. Ideally, the remote will be ice'ed up with a Turing as the innermost piece with a Nightdancer somewhere in there. If they run with at least 1 click left over, they lose all their creds. If they run last click, they can't steal the Ikawah.

The biggest challenge with this deck is fighting against a runner packing a Film Critic. Hence the inclusion on The All-Seeing I plus SEA Source and Snatch and Grab. This is usually a late game trick reserved after the runner has put down most of their resources and you've managed to money up with some Stinsons. After significant play testing, most runners will usually just quit after the eye hits.

Reversed Accounts has been great in this regard (and as a way to lock out the runner in general). Not only does it help you get some easy traces/tags in, but it also creates some excellent scoring windows. Just let it sit in your scoring server until you're in a position to start rushing out agendas.

Scarcity of Resources and Kill Switch are primarily there as Current-deterrents.