Stinson Reversed CI [World Champion 2017]

chaosjuggler 1681

This is the deck I used to win Worlds 2017. The decklist is the brainchild of Oliver Siccha (@pinsel) on Slack, arriving to me by way of Alex Kohlmann (@ff0x) and Alex Forndran (@firetesting). All credit for the genius deckbuilding should go to those people. The deck is really good, though, and has a very flexible gameplan as well as a range of the most powerful cards in the format.

Stay tuned to The Winning Agenda for further discussion of Worlds itself and the strategy of this deck.

6 Nov 2017 FightingWalloon

I'd ask how useful a 1x Scarcity of Resources could be, but I saw the Grand Finals on stream. Long live 1x cards that win games. Congratulations on your victory! May your reign be marked by peace and prosperity.

6 Nov 2017 Frogblast

can you tell FFG you had 3 IPOs please ?

6 Nov 2017 greyfield

I want to say one word to you. Just one word. Yes, sir. Are you listening? Yes, I am. Bastion.

7 Nov 2017 umbralAeronaut

@Frogblast ah, dammit... that's a really good point.

7 Nov 2017 Smirnoffico

Scarcity is one-of and it single-handedly won final match, wow

7 Nov 2017 MELLONE75

well done man

7 Nov 2017 ParasitePromo

Truly a masterpiece and very well played!

7 Nov 2017 qvm

Such fun games to watch, a deck with a very high skill ceiling. Congrats!

Given that there's zero recursion (and cut opponents see the list), would it be the correct line of play to trash double Stinson in a remote (if you have the money?). The second one would basically be free (as you're allowed to dip below 6 again)

7 Nov 2017 zmb

Congrats with the win! But MCAAP In full bleed makes me throw up in mouth... :p

7 Nov 2017 Klopstock

Picking up a little on what qvm said, how do you deal with Clot? You just have a single CVS, and no way to tutor for it (okay, not as big of a deal in CI as it would be in other decks) but also no way to recur it. If your opponent puts down a SacCon and threatens Clot, do you just play the Never-Advance-game in a taxing remote? Or do you try to Efficiency Committee/Biotic Labor/Jeeves/Elective Upgrade-hard purge your way through it?

7 Nov 2017 crushedguava

@Klopstock Given that this is a very flexible deck with various lines of play, you play to your outs and do a combination of everything that you described above. The main play of Reversed Accounts behind a taxing remote helps drain the Runner of money, enabling you to score out behind said remote, regardless of clot. Or you could just purge and use Jeeves clicks and gain advantage that way.

7 Nov 2017 Klopstock

@crushedguava Sounds reasonable, thank you!

7 Nov 2017 Saan

I saw him bait out Clot using an MCA to gain clicks (as if he's going to score), and then instead install a reversed accounts and advance it instead. I think this was against @spags, actually. Anyhow, his final click, after Clot was down, was to force the runner to lose 12 credits. Next turn he installed another reversed. A stimhack was used to get into the remote, and again the runner was out of money. Finally, he scored an agenda in the remote on the next turn, now that the runner was well and truly broke. It was amazing.

7 Nov 2017 Pinsel

@qvm Even without Stinson loosing 10 credits hurts, possibly opening a scoring window. And there is recursion in this deck. It is not that hard to get vitruvius counters and after trashing stinson you have to respect Architect on every server.

@Klopstock I also played ark lockdown, but ff0x and firetesting swapped it for scarcity. Also keep in mind that this is a tempo deck and having clot, tutors for breakers and enough money to avoid stinson is hard. The deck can bait clot with reversed or trick the runner with SfT. With enough clicks (MCA, EffComm) it is also possible to steal enough money via reversed that the runner doesn't have enough credits to install clot, thus bypassing saccon, and then score an agenda.

7 Nov 2017 LemLuthor

How do you handle Employee Strikes?

I would imagine a well timed one would be devastating when 1x Scarcity is out and you can't fast advance that turn.

7 Nov 2017 crushedguava

@LemLuthorAn 'early' employee strike (i.e. turn 1 or 2) can be handled by just playing normal netrunner with 5 cards in hand (because this is not a combo deck).

A 'well-timed' one would involve playing Employee Strike when the deck has 1) a lot of cards in hand, 2) a lot of agendas that cannot be discarded or jammed into a taxing remote, 3) no way to fast advance any agenda, 4) no scarcity despite having a lot of cards. In this situation you'll just have to deal with it and play to whatever lines best gets you out of it.

What also helped was that the Hayleys were on Levy/Aesop's rather than Employee Strike.

9 Nov 2017 ff0X

@pinsel I was actually playing Ark Lockdown too. It did help with removing Clot, heap breakers, Sure Gamble (against Shadownet Hayley), etc. However, Scarcity can be very mean against everyone and is an extra tool to get rid of an Employee Strike. I am still torn between the two.