Breakfast of Champions

junior_varsity 124

This is the deck I took to SC at Savage Mills, MD. I went 9th overall but felt it was to no fault of the deck. I made some critical errors (and some unlucky accesses) that cost me some games.

Some key changes I made to the original list was adding Indexing and only one Levy. I felt after the tournament that it was the correct call. I wanted to get the deck to 45 cards so I cut Jarogniew Mercs and hoped I didn't face any Rewiring CI. (Spoiler Alert: I did and it didn't end well).

A couple of changes I would make for the future is probably take out some cutlery for Mercs.

Round 1: Jonas @thebigunit3000 (W) Wilfy CI

An early Hacktivist was able to slow him down. Hit an agenda in HQ and caught him sneaking out an agenda in the remote to try and clear the Hacktivist. Indexed for the win.

Round 2: Kevin @kevintame (L) Wilfy CI

Had him on his back foot most of the game with constant pressure on R&D with a Femme on a FC3. I faced checked a FC3 on HQ on three clicks from MCA Austerity Policy and that's when it went all downhill. Yeah...don't do that. Breaking FC3 with Black Orchestra hurts the soul.

Round 3: Daniel @leinardcoltrane (L) Rewiring CI

I got my brain rewired before I could find agendas. I whiffed on several Indexing runs. That's what happens when you don't have the tech against the deck. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Round 4: Doug @internet_potato (L) FA Titan

He scored two Atlases before I could blink. I got Turntable installed. I could have changed the game if I didn't whiff on the two Hostile Takeovers in hand.