Victorinox Forever (6th Malaysian Regionals)

sigma83 293

Hello Olivia. Welcome back.

Chaos Theory for life.

The very best Shaper ID returns with undoubtedly the best non-stealth Shaper console.

The name of the game is unlimited economy; Algo Trading provides Daily Cast level drip for as long as you dare, The Shadow Net lets you turn Fan Sites and News Teams into click for 9 credits, and should the Peace in Our Time draw to a close and the Liberated Accounts run dry, Kate McCaffrey's Magnum Opus is there to bring us back from the brink.

Ubax is incredible click value: for a 5 install you gain a free click every turn for as many turns as the game lasts - with Beth Kilrain-Chang you are essentially a six runner who sets up a basic-but-efficient rig and waits for central attack cards to make power runs. Drive By is a way to counter the single biggest way Opus decks lose - by being baited into hyper-expensive remote server runs.

Misdirection was a tech call that worked out - all top 4 corps were running Hard Hitting News. It was Atman until 12 hours before the event. It can also be Feedback Filter or Clone Chip or Test Run or Sacrificial Construct depending on what you expect to face - or just a third Indexing or The Maker's Eye. I can see a possibility for Gebrselassie to make stacked Sentries less painful for Na'Not'K. There may be a way to rejig the influence to have 2x Cerberus "Lady" H1 instead of Paperclip and then you can probably run D4v1d and Clone Chips for a much more efficient rig although DO NOT ask me what to cut.

Artist Colony should honestly be a second The Shadow Net. That card is intensely good, and lets you shift power in the deck from installables to events, which give better click compression.

I've heard arguments that by adding 5 cards you can go to Kabonesa and have a better deck - I think it's entirely playstyle dependant but thickening the deck by 11% leaves you less likely to find your attack cards and would likely shift your power to programs like Nyashia which would require memory solutions like Dhegdheer and possibly a little more econ to smooth over your opening hands aaaand there goes your 5 extra slots.

The entire reason this deck works is because Olivia "Wunderkind" Ortiz lets you run a 6 rig on a console that has undoubtedly the best general ability in the faction. Even without Ubax installed the ability to have 2 Self-modifying Codes and a breaker installed, or Magnum Opus, an SMC, and a breaker... there's just so much room for activities!

Victorinox lives. Chaos Theory lives. Welcome back to Shaper.