Circus Hayley (16th Hamburg Regional)

Klopstock 577

I played this deck at the Regional Hamburg and finished 16th, beneath my expectations, but it still did what it was supposed to - testing a deck I may have played at German Nationals, which I didn't after this regional.

Game 1 against Dome on Jammy Sportsmetal: I made so many mistakes in this game. I didn't mull a hand without ProCo because the rest was good (ALWAYS take a mulligan for ProCo), I let an Architect fire because I thought I ran click three and didn't want to put Brahman back on my stack. Turned out it was Click 4, which gifted Dome with a free Agenda. There were likely more mistakes, but those two are the ones I can remember. Anyways, when you offer a player like Dome so many mistakes, you probably lose the game. Which I did.

Game 2 against Raven on Loop Palana: Don't remember many details of this game, but I think I snatched one Agenda out of his Remote and then won on centrals.

Game 3 against Silberwolf on Argus: This game went very long. In the end I was not aggressive enough and contended the Remote at the wrong times, which he used to sneak an Atlas through with about 3 cards left in R&D (double Surveyor Remote - you can check it anytime, but not everytime). Congratulations again on almost making the Cut in your first tournament!

Game 4 against Malte on NEXT Design: He drew his starting hand, saw one Ice (as he told me later on), so he took a Mulligan. Then he took his mandatory draw. Without installing an Ice. Needless to say that I won this game.

Game 5 against Can on Asa: I lost this game due to an unfortunate misunderstanding. Still, he was at 4 points at the time and I don't know if it would have changed much.

What I realised after playing five games with this deck (and practically going 1-3, because I would have beaten this Next draw with pretty much any Runner deck. No offense to Malte it was just very bad luck with a swingy ID) was that I am just no Control Shaper player. I make too many mistakes when trying to play it slow and controlling, I am more of an aggressive or combo-y player. The deck is still good and not at fault.