Gänsebeeren-MaxX (10th @ Euregio)

Klopstock 577

The exact list Chris Dyer (and other Brits) played at Worlds. It's a good list.

Game 1 against Rainer on Asa Rush: He had a pretty slow start, due to an early score, which was a severe tempo hit for him. I also trashed three Jinjas over the course of the first six turns, which kept him down long enough so I could get into the game, at which point it gets really hard for Asa to stay in the game. Stimhack is nuts, Turtle is very good and Maxx generally had a lot of early tempo, which prevents these decks from just weggletschering you.

Game 2 against Oli (Pinsel) on CtM: I misplayed my first turn and was too afraid of ARES and MVT at the same time, which led to very suboptimal play. In the end I had to go Tag-Me which allowed Oli to close the game with Psychographics for a Beale and a Kitty I kindly scored for him.

Game 3 against Jan (Django) on Tempo NEH: I tried to contest his board a little, but fell behind, got Hard-Hitting Newsed, installed Patchwork on the wrong turn which allowed him to bounce it with Amani Senai and it all went downhill quickly from then on.

Game 4 against Matze (mazeberlin) on Half-Spiky Palana: He used a Border Control to push out a quick Nisei and used the counter to score the next Nisei, but I managed to bait the counter with a Dirty Laundry into his Remote with an Upgrade. That threw me back pretty far and could have cost me the game if he had an Obokata in hand, but he didn't, so the Gamble paid off. Later on I found the third Nisei in R&D. He then scored one House of Knives and I stole another one. He installed something in his Remote where there was already an Upgrade and then time was called during my turn. I had to guess his agenda composition now. I knew there was a Future Perfect in his hand and there were two House of Knives in our Score Areas. But I thought that Future Perfect would not be the first 5/3 you pick in Jinteki (and I hadn't seen a restricted card yet), so I very strongly assumed that he was on Obokata (which he was). And if he is on Obokata, he would definitely play all 3, not 2 and 1 Future Perfect. So I charged up my Turning Wheel in R&D, found nothing and went for HQ, accessed The Future Perfect and won the Psigame (on the third try throughout the game), which won me the game 6 to 5 in time.

Game 5 against Elwin (Jakuza) on Mti Asset Spam: My losing streak against Asset Spam decks continued, as I just couldn't keep up with his deck. I controlled his board more or less, but he sneaked agendas through from time to time, while I was just occupied making money and trashing all the must-trash-assets he put down. In the end he just overwhelmed me and scored out comfortably.

Game 6 against Jörg (gegenzeit) on Sportmetal Rush: I managed to trash an early Jinja, only to have it reinstalled by an Architect on R&D, which kept Jörg relatively poor. I Stimhacked his Remote to steal a Remote Enforcement and ran HQ, where I grabbed the one Corporate Sales Team he had in hand and then finished the game with two Indexings off Same Old Things. Jörg was just unlucky this game, because he had a couple of scoring windows but no Agenda (partially due to me stealing the CST on one 1/3 access).

The deck is good. It won against one Glacier and two rush decks. I just need to learn how to play against Asset Spam, because those are matchups that this deck should definitely be able to handle with three Hacktivist Meetings and so much tempo and money early on.