SOCR5 Smelly Gabe (Cache Refresh) 2-3

Sanjay 3429

This was my attempt at a Gabe deck in Cache Refresh. The deck didn't do particularly well. It went 2-3. There were a few things I wanted to try with the deck, and I wanted to summarize what worked well and what worked kind of poorly:

Using Credit Kiting to install Māui and Liberated Account

Making a run, getting a 5 or 6 value card for free, then detagging isn't the most efficient thing you could be doing, but I figured things are less efficient in Cache Refresh generally and Gabe can probably get a run worth something (especially with Datasucker and Aumakua). This worked out reasonably well, and it helped have enough targets for Credit Kiting. I probably didn't want 3 Credit Kitings though, because I certainly don't want to do this move that many times.

Using Crash Space to make that move EVEN better

This plan was kind of stupid. I don't think playing Crash Space to make your Credit Kitings better is worth the deck slots. You just don't play Credit Kiting enough times to make it worth it. That said, if you are scared of Punitive Counterstrike or are up against a taggy opponent, Crash Space can do extra work, so it is kind of neat to have in your deck. It's just not a reliable economic plan.

Yusuf would be good with Gabe since you want to run a lot

The vulnerability to purging is serious and I think that inconsistency led to some losses. But when it gets going it feels really good and powerful so maybe deserves more attention, especially since what other fracter are you going to play in Cache Refresh anyway?

Chakana will force a purge, getting you a bunch of Acacia bucks, which you can then use to turn Chakana back on

This was so close to actually working in practice that I feel embarrassed for trying! This was what I originally built the deck around, but the plan never ever worked. The original version of the list had more Chakanas but I cut some and the deck got better.

My corp, inexplicably, went 4-1, so I finished a respectable 11th place out of 42. Good for me and El Lobo!