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Wakks 105

I've always wanted to use it, and it turns out to be a lot of fun. It's a worse Diesel, but it can draw you cards during the opponent's turn. What's really nice is playing a Guinea Pig with multiple Respirocytes on the table and getting some draws while getting some money.

District 99 triggers a bunch in this deck since the damage from Respirocytes, getting your third draw from Respirocytes, Guinea Pig, Bankroll, a purged eXer, By Any Means, and Null's ability can all add counters to District 99.

The console slot can be whatever. Patchwork is great since it helps add counters to District 99 and burns two cards at once, potentially triggering Respirocytes. I'm just using it in another deck. Maw is great, for allowing more flex in the rig and disrupting the Corp, it's just expensive. I chose to try Spinal Modem since those 2 can get you past 1 or 2 pieces of ice every turn.

Problem cards are mainly Jinteki. Chiyashi is just a bit too large to just run into. The best time to run a DNA Tracker is when you have three cards. Same goes for Fairchild 3.0. Ice Carver helps a ton with those. The play style in general can leave you open to Snares. Stealing Obokata is not fun. Also, Surveyor can stop this deck dead. I want to fit in some ice removal, but I don't know what to take out and for what cards. Cutlery, Hippo? Most advanceable ice will ruin your day, but when do you see that? I mean, I don't play much, so I don't.

You could take out the Ice Carvers and Takobi for Datasuckers, it would leave you open to Cyberdex and pretty much mandate Maw, but influence would open up. Gnat could definitely make money using this deck, but then Cradle would be even more awkward to use imo.