Jthrevenge 17

First attempt at Sys. Core '19... Below is how my brain digests decks. The idea is to push aggressively with a large econ suite and card draw. Ideally, force the Runner to deal with so many servers that they become overwhelmed (problem with Crowdfunding). Able to bully resources and force the Runner into sub-optimal runs. Surveyor becomes a late-game beast (Ideally rezzed via SFT to avoid Run Amok). Tempted to replace Pop-Up or Turing for Architect (non-trashable, fires ASA ability on Runner's turn, recursion).

--Econ: SSL, Remote Enforcement, Adonis, Jeeves, Marilyn, NGO, Rashida, Breaker Bay, Pop-Up

--Card Draw/Tutor: Remote Enforcement, Jeeves, Rashida

--Recursion: Vitruvius, Team Sponsorship

--Tech: Malia Z0L0K4, Scarcity of Resources, Cyberdex Suite, Conundrum

--Current: Scarcity

--ICE: Barrier Gear Check, Code Gate Heavy, Sentry Game-Closer w/ Surveyor

--Win-Cons: ----Fast Advance: Successful Field Test, Jeeves, MCA Austerity, Team Sponsorship, Biotic Labor, Psychographics ----Shut-Out/Program Destruction: Conundrum, Ichi ----Glacier/Tempo: Fairchild, Conundrum, Surveyor, Scarcity, MCA Austerity

Will update with play experience.

13 Dec 2018 Urziel

Some thoughts and possible modifications:

Side note:

  • Turing is so good! Turtles are crawling everywhere these days!
  • I like to have more than one win condition so adding kill potential is something I really like to do - but HB is not Weyland so number of the options is limited Hard-Hitting News + High-Profile Target is a viable combo and you have some free influence.
  • Consider adding something for Beth Kilrain-Chang, Film Critic removal - like Under the Bus - but BP is not what you want with high number of assets, so some other card would be better.
23 Dec 2018 Jthrevenge

Played against my friend's Apex deck a few times and I have some thoughts:

PRO: --This ICE makes Endless Hunger very, very sad --Very strong once everything is running --M4lia is a beast bioroid

Not satisfied with the consistency, as yet. Starting with the Agendas, I'm going to add an SSL and Remote Enforcement, remove both SFTs.

Replace both Adonis with Eve, replace one Marilyn with another Breaker Bay, replace one of the Team Sponsorships... I want card draw or RD ordering. Maybe import something from Jinteki as they're masters of RD manipulation. Need to take a look into 3/1 Agendas to see if any 1-of could enhance my game plan.

Also, this deck really hates Rumor Mill!